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La Tazza Rossa Closing July 21st

Local coffee shop/roaster will be closing doors on July 21, 2006.
La Tazza Rossa, located at N.E. Killingsworth/33rd Avenue, will be closing their doors on July 21 2006.
Paul, one of the owners, said that their investors were concerned about "lack of substantial profit" and they (the investors) will still keep paying the rent on the location. To this reporter it sounds like those investors have something else lined up.....hmmmmmmm.

Paul told me that he and co-owner Jim plan on looking around for another cafe opportunity, hopefully in the current neighborhood.

The coffee shop always supported an eclectic mix of customers and the closing will leave a big hole at 33rd & N.E. Killingsworth.

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be wary of capitalists 28.Jun.2006 01:39


This is why people need to make sure they are not indebted to those whose only goal is profit. There is networking underway currently to provide sources of funding and other resources to small businesses with the goal of creating a better place to live instead of being solely motivated by profits. In any case keep us posted as to where this place moves to; I'm sure people will give their support.