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Local Interview With Lt. Ehren Watada

Lt. Watada joined the army in March of 2003, believing Bush administration claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Sadaam had strong ties to Al Queda and 911 He received his officers commission in December of the same year, served a year in Korea, and upon being redeployed back to the U.S., was informed that he would be deployed to Iraq within a year.

"At that time when I joined up I had no reason to believe that our leaders, the government, the administration would betray the trust of the people........I felt that it was my responsibility as an officer to find out everything I could about war in general in order to better prepare my troops and train them for combat deployment. I also began reading a whole broadbase of articles on the Iraq war on what was going on there at the time and what has led us up to that point. What I found was deeply shocking, not only as a person but also as a member of the military......learning that the administration had betrayed the trust of the people, had deceived us into going into this war that was totally unnecessary and unrelated to the war on terrorism."

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Oakland Rally for Suzanne Swift
Today, June 23, some creative people joined together in front o the Oakland Army Recruiting office to promote the nurturing concept of "Breasts Not Bombs" and to honor the courageous female GI, Suzanne Swift, who refused to return to Iraq because of the sexual abuse to which she was subjected by male army personnel.

About ten men and women carried signs with large print "TORTURE IS INDECENT." One fellow had a very beautiful 6 foot butterfly with words on the wings "Butterflies Not Bombs" Another sign read, "Dick Cheney and George Bush are indecent."

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same picture with GIMP level correction
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