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Korean subtitled 9-11 Loose Change video at Google Video, other translations out there?

there should be!

Even after months, there are still triple entries of the lengthy 80 minute documentary 9-11 Loose Change on the tops of the political pops. One of these 9-11 truth videos is now Korean, which has quickly become very popular.
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911 Loose Change 2nd Edition with extra footage
1 hr 21 min 50 sec
"This is the best damn 9-11 documentary out there." -Dave vonKleist, Producer of "911:In Plane Site" Loose Change is an extremely hard hitting, heavily referenced documentary. It has the best footage ..

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Loose Change 2nd Edition, Korean Caption
1 hr 21 min 50 sec
Loose Change 2nd Edition, Korean Caption by nylon.

history of this thread:

Title: Google Vids Top 100: #1 Stephen Colbert ROASTING Bush, & many ver. of "911 Loose Change"!
Author: amazed
Date: 2006.05.08 05:37
Description: ...of course these are packed in with healthy sex and idiocy, though the signal to noise ratio about the Bush Administration being a terrorist outfit is definitely getting out. These are the longest film watches/downloads in the whole top 100. as well in the whole Give people a venue around the gatekeeping of the corporate media, and guess what? They are choosing CONTENT. i.e., they are using it to enhance their "reality based community" view of the world... I thought this was an encouraging development, as well as shows the incredible use of Google Video as an activist tool. Very encouraging... Impeach Bush for peace. I don't care what party you think you belong to, if you want to impeach Bush, we have something in common about love of democracy and hatred of the murderous tyranny of Bush's lies. Congratulations, particularly when matching this with the 89% (according to CNN polls) that say there is a Bush/9-11 coverup. There's still so much more to do.
four other 9-11 Loose Change translations: Spanish, French, German, Dutch 28.Jun.2006 10:15

Kemal Amin Kasem


Loose Change 2nd Edition - Subtitulos en Espaņol
Loose Change
1 hr 21 min 50 sec


Loose Change 2d Edition FRENCH ST
1 hr 21 min 50 sec

Loose Change 2d Edition FRENCH st
1 hr 22 min 0 sec


loose change - 2nd edition - german subtitles
Louder than Words
1 hr 21 min 50 sec


Loose Change 2nd Edition dutch subtitles nederlands
Louder than words
1 hr 21 min 43 sec

Swedish and Italian subtitles as well 28.Jun.2006 10:44

Kemal Amin Kasem


Loose Change Second Edition Svensk Text!
Dylan Avery
1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Feb 13, 2006


Loose Change - Film sui fatti del 11 Settembre 2001
Dylan Avery e Arcoiris TV
1 hr 22 min 21 sec - May 14, 2006
Loose Change č sicuramente il film pių completo ed interessante uscito fino ad oggi sull'undici settembre. L'autore č Dylan Avery, un ... all ģ ragazzo poco pių che ventenne, che due anni fa si č messo a raccogliere e studiare l'immensa mole di materiale esistente in rete, e ne ha fatto, insieme al suo amico Korey Rowe - fresco reduce delle guerre in Afghanistan e Iraq - un lavoro che č stato giā visto, tramite Google Video, da oltre due milioni di persone nel mondo.

Loose Change 2nd Edition (spanish - espaņol) 09.Oct.2006 11:41


In order to learn more about Bush, you can see next video: Loose Change 2nd edition subtitulate in spanish - espaņol

 link to video.google.com