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Mayor promotes Sizer to full Chief of Portland Police Dept

Mayor Potter calls Press conference to Present Desision to Promote from within. June 22nd, 2006 Mayor Potter of Portland, Oregon announced in Council Chambers his desision to Promte and confer title of Full "Chief of Police", upon interium Chief of Police,Rosie Sizer.

Last week , Mayor Potter announced that he might conduct a nation wide search, however as he stated today, to the press, He had confered with Council members and other High ups and this was the only clear desision to make and the Right Choice.

Chief Sizer stepped up and spoke...She told her own Quilty Profiling incident(she is establishing her humanness)(or purging sin publicly) about a Guy that she once stopped, because as she plain old outright stated, He was "Ugly", and he was near where something had happened, and she took him in and ran him and he had never never never committed any offense in his whole life ,no record,no nothing....she said she apologized to him, and he even told her, he got stopped all the time for just being UGLY !!! (Quilty while being Ugly ) Lord help us...!!!!

Comment:You know, I have a lot of conflicted feelings about this. First, I too question why Foxworth got demoted while McCollister and Sery did not. I wonder why cops who kill people get medals, while a cop who engaged in the same kind of human behavior all the rest of us engage in (come on, you know you do) gets demoted. Weird.

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