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Weekend of Workshops Schedule

Portland Anti-Imperialists, Students for Unity, and friends are organizing a weekend of resistance skills workshops-

Everyone striving for social and environmental justice is invited...Let's network, learn, and build our movements!
Who: You, me, us, and everyone we know! We hope you all will use this as the tool we desire it to be, to build what we all hope to see in the world. We are striving to make this skillshare a safe space for all to learn and share, and childcare will be provided.

What: A series of workshops about building community power and surviving the course of the struggle against rising facism and contining imperialism.

Where: Smith Center @Portland State University. From the park blocks side of the building, go upstairs and you will find us in the common area. There is space for tabling and more.

Saturday June 24th
11-12:30: Make your own media- silkscreening: with Jemma Room 294
Organizing in your workplace: with Jason Room 298
12:40-2: Learning and Building on Lessons of Fighting
US Imperialism: with Dominic Room 294
What is the "Green Scare"?: with Karen Room 298
2:10-2:40: LUNCH Thanks to Food Not Bombs
2:40-4:40: Understanding Racism: with Floyd Room 294
Printing your own propaganda: with Alex Room 298

Sunday June 25th
11-12:30 Organizing Against Corporations: with Kim Room 294
Guerilla Media: with Ashes Room 298
12:40-2:10 Direct Action Planning: with Kim Room 294
Understanding Sexism: with Students For Unity Room 298
2:10-2:40 LUNCH- Community Potluck (Bring Something To Share)
2:40-4:10 Street Tactics: with Ashes and Michael B. Room 294
Leaflet Design: With Eduardo Room 298

As sure as I am that we all have our own answers to that question, we also have common reasons why we organize and fight injustice. One reason is our hopes for future generations. Another is a love of the land; our desire for survival. Still another reason is our connections to what has happened in the past and the lessons to be learned. We are stronger together.

As the government esclates repression against the environmental, human rights, and community movements, and targets immigrants, muslims, acitivists, and people of color as scapegoats for a flailing economy, we can't let ourselves be cowed into submission. Work remains to be done to determine the course of our society. For these reasons and more, we are doing what we can to build venues for our community to organize. Hope to see you there!

 link to protest.net