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Mayor promotes Sizer to full Chief of Portland Police Dept

12:30 p.m. June 22nd,Mayor Potter calls Press conference
to Present Desision to Promote from within.
June 22nd,2006 Mayor Potter of Portland,Oregon announced in Council Chambers his desision to Promte and confer title of Full "Chief of Police", upon interium
Chief of Police ,Rosie Sizer.

This comes after a 2.5 monthes of Actting Chief and then as Interium Chief,after the Fall of Chief Foxworth down to a Captain.
Last week , Mayor Potter announced that he might conduct a nation wide search,
however as he stated today, to the press, He had confered with Council members and other High ups and this was the only clear desision to make and the Right Choice.

Chief Sizer stepped up and spoke, and stated that she hoped she could still retain some of her down time with her Family,whom she introduced and she fielded some questions and theh answered the one question about her placement of Chief Foxworth to the Captain's Posistion at SouthEast Precient.
She said,in response,that she needed to remove the Rosie Camp And the Foxworth Camp lines and make it clear as to whom is in charge.

The Mayor fielded the closing remark/Question, as to how he came to his desision after only 2.5 Month's ? to chose Rosie ?

(desisions in my opinion should not take forever,actually it only was a week)
The woman has had 22 years on the force...NO Brainer....
To respond to the person whom posted about Officer Myers ...Beach boy hair cut,
and his connection to Rosie...I expect we will see him on the front lines again
at Protests with the Microphone glued to his hand,"Officer MIC" I believe was the nickname....
Lets hope she can rise above the current issue at hand which s all the Police Profiling meetings she is attending each week with outraged citizen's telling their stories.

She told her own Quilty Profiling incident(she is establishing her humanness)(or purging sin publicly) about a Guy that she once stopped, because as she plain old outright stated, He was "Ugly", and he was near where something had happened, and she took him in and ran him and he had never never never committed any offense in his whole life ,no record,no nothing....she said she apologized to him, and he even told her, he got stopped all the time for just being UGLY !!! (Quilty while being Ugly ) Lord help us...!!!!
Could someone FROM PPB Please go Arrest George Bush for (being Stupid while Pretending to be President) besides he owes City of Portland $150,000 in overtime pay for August 22nd,2003 and you can add on the $300,000 the City of Portland paid out for Pepper spray duty that day, bring it to a Grand total of $450,000.
SO in Closing....I reaffirm,Chief Foxworth was Suspended with Pay for 3 month's/Demoted to Rank of Captain,
for a comment he made about the Cert Team,not about poorly spelled/and kinky email's,or the sexual affair of 6 years ago,
He did not kill anybody ( like Officer McCollister ), he did not cause us to get out and storm the streets month after month...
like we did for Kendra James and Perez .....yet Scotty Boy got his back pay,
did not get demoted,and was exzonarated............Anyboy besides me NOT think
Foxworth's demotion was fair or warrented ???
Time will tell 22.Jun.2006 16:40


You know, I have a lot of conflicted feelings about this. First, I too question why Foxworth got demoted while McCollister and Sery did not. I wonder why cops who kill people get medals, while a cop who engaged in the same kind of human behavior all the rest of us engage in (come on, you know you do) gets demoted. Weird.

It's not like I want to start the Foxworth fan club or anything, but it seems like a raw deal orchestrated in sectors of the city that I kind of trusted the mayor not to bow down to. But, what do I know.

As for Rosie, well, I'm pretty conflicted there, too. I never liked the cozy way she worked with Kroeker, and I never liked the thing with the surfer dude. (Maybe now that his hair is falling out, she will not be so blind to his true nature. Maybe she will stay his hand next time he gets it in his head to go after a neighborhood garden, turning it into a wasteland so homeless people won't go there and neither will anyone else.) I never found Rosie to be particularly sincere, or even particularly polite. But, truth be told, somewhere deep down inside, I always kind of secretly felt a sense of support toward her, not as a cop, but as a woman who has held her own in what is still very much a man's world. I know, weird. And conflicting. But that's how I've felt.

I should add, I once asked Rosie for an interview. She asked me what it was for, and I said for indymedia, because I wanted to write something about the anti-war protest I was attending that day, and she was there. She immediately recoiled, and told me she would not talk to me because, "I don't like some of the things I've seen written there." I was kind of surprised at the time, because I had never written anything negative about her, and I assumed that if she read the site, she would know that it's the people's news. It's where everyone in the city comes to share news and information, so her slight felt like a slight against the people of Portland to me. In retrospect, though, it seems we learn a couple of things about Rosie from that.

First, we know she follows indymedia (no surprise, since all the cops do in the hopes of picking up some juicy morsel they can use). Second, we know that she, like all cops and politicians, is not interested in a free press. Instead, she will carefully pick and choose only those "journalists" that she can manipulate and control, those who will lick her shiny shoes and never ask a tough question. (At least, unless she's grown a lot since then. It was, after all, awhile back.) Finally, we know she is a bit paranoid, a bit snobby, a bit disdainful toward the people who pay her salary. Again, like all cops and politicians. After all, portland indymedia is all of us, working together to share our voices. We share news and information about our community. If she can't talk to indymedia, why should we trust anything she says to the corporate media?

So yes, I'm very conflicted about this. She is surely better than Kroeker (and who isn't?), but I think I preferred Foxworth. Time will tell.

Funny thing, that. 22.Jun.2006 21:32


Foxworth gave me an interview, on camera no less. And he knew it was for indymedia. Yes, Foxworth outclasses Rosie, no matter what kind of language he uses in his personal emails. He was cordial and respectful, and although it was a grillin' (it was the middle of the night, in the middle of an anti-war protest, and I was asking why his minions were out pepper spraying people), he stayed and answered my questions and never acted like he thought he was too good or too important or too busy to be talking to an IMCista. I mean, he didn't directly have any good reason why they were assaulting peaceful demonstrators or anything, but at least he understood that I had the right to be asking, and he had the obligation to at least try to answer.

Rosie, on the other hand, once stuck her hand in the lens of my camera. She really does feel above it all, doesn't she.

I think a pre-requisite for the top cop job should be an understanding that you are accountable to the people of the community, and you need to be available to talk to them, on their terms, and in their turf, in person. Not like Rosie, who expects you to make an appointment to see her PIO, unless you're one of the simpering wimps from KATU, or that pathetic guy from KGW with the shiny little badge sticker on the side of his camera.

Nevertheless, the decision has been made, and I'm willing to see how she handles herself now. I think the city could have done better, but it could have done worse, too. (As we have seen.)

foxworth is still the people's police chief 22.Jun.2006 23:36

portland's bill clinton

I think it's interesting, in a forum where everybody has been personally mistreated by cops sometime in his or her life, or knows people who have been, how little criticism there is here about Foxworth. Like, "well, he'll spray us like any other pig, but at least he'll talk to us and he's a lot better than the last guy." Maybe Foxworth was really being demoted for being Soft on the Freaks.

Quilty of being Ugly 23.Jun.2006 08:07



'...meet the new boss' 23.Jun.2006 09:17


... so, now we have a white woman charged with administering patriarchal white supremacy, instead of a black man doing the same. big whoop. these people lead the forces of occupation in our neighborhoods, and as such are enemies.

Language is powerful 23.Jun.2006 11:49

Lucy Parsons

As with most postings about the new chief, this thread talks about "Foxworth," "Rosie," and, occaisionally, "Kroeker." Likewise, IMC discussions about recent mayors refer to "Vera" and "Potter." Why can't women get the same respect as men do on this leftist (or revolutionary, or progressive) website?

Standardize the way you refer to people in positions of power. Either call the men by their first names, too, or start refering to women by their last names. "Sizer" is a distinct name, and people will still know to whom you are refering.

Arrogant Women and the Badge 23.Jun.2006 17:34

Migratory Bird

good one, Lucy Parsons!

Here we go:

Sizer is too arrogant to be chief.
Foxworth did bad things but he wasn't arrogant like the woman.
The other cops are notably bad.
Why didn't they get demoted.
Sizer hasn't done anything really bad but she was... too arrogant for being a woman.
We don't like police, period.

My response: Fact is this, I didn't like the pepper spraying of children. Sizer admitted that she was the one who gave the orders. She has publicaly taunted me at demonstrations, she was at every demonstration, she is really cruel.

When I spoke against her openly to her face about her departemnt for teh attacking of babes, she looked upset. I know that it was not her hand that held the pepper spray gun but the order of retreat. She has pissed me off but I am quick to get upset about stuff.

Reality: As a woman, who knows so many other woman who have faced so much sexual descrimintion from everything from rape to the inability to get promoted to the increasing feminization of poverty I say GIVE HER THE DAMN RAISE AND LET HER SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY> I know that I won't support a lot of the things that she will do but each woman that is promoted helps me get that much closer to a promotion. When I graduated from high school all the men got jobs in my small town and all the ugly women like me struggled for years to find anyway to support ourselves. The men all from day one have had everything stacked for them, and guess what, she may have given the orders but it was the male hand that held no sympathy for an infant...

I like to see women police officers, becuase even if I think, "OH SHIT THEY REALLY BOUGHT THE LIES" I also know that they will try to change things. Trust me. I wish Lucy Parson's had had the badge instead of the other way around!

Power of lauguage II 23.Jun.2006 18:15


Hmmm. While I completely agree that language has power, and that there are a lot of sexist uses of language (often not even consciously recognized), I'm not sure that's the case here. I think lucy might be a bit selective in choosing the titles she has. Because I know I have seen Mayor Potter referred to as "Tom" on this site as often as "Potter," and I have seen the former Mayor referred to as "Katz" as often as "Vera." Regarding Rosie Sizer, I think some of the bias toward "Rosie" may be that a) Rosie has been on the streets for a long time, and many of us feel like we know her on a first-name basis, even if we despise her; and b) come on, "Rosie" is a way cooler name, and easier to say, than "Sizer." Sizer Sizer Sizer. Bleck.

Now, it may be that I'm just not seeing it because I haven't been paying attention, but I don't really think this particular use of language is necessarily evidence of underlying sexism. I mean, what about all the "surfer dude" and "hair" comments about Jeff (Or is it Geoff?) Meyers? At least no one has been talking about Rosie's appearance, as would once have been the case. (But think how many times we've heard about how fat McCollister is, or how silly Marty's hair looks, or how shiny and weird Lee's head is. And by the way, notice how "Marty" is a first name. I think we just choose the name that seems to fit. Not totally sure, though.)

As for "arrogance" on Rosie's part? I'm not sure that was the point being made. I think elitist, snotty, and out of touch with the people of this city would be closer to what I read when I read the above comments. In addition, I would like to add violent, obnoxious, and one who pepper sprays babies. I am dismayed that she was chosen for this position, even if I, too, find those feelings at least somewhat mitigated by the fact that she is a woman and I believe it's important that positions of power reflect the presence of women in the world more than they have in the past or do in the present.

So thanks to Lucy and migratory bird for bringing up the subject of language, and you have given me something to think about, even if I'm not at all convinced that this particular case is a case of gender bias so much as a case of name preference.

Federalization of the local police 24.Jun.2006 10:54

Alex Ansary

I will tell you this. Im embarrassed for my own community and how ignorant some members are about thenational news. I attended and covering it for Outside the Box,bringing up the issue of the federal government infiltrating our local police dept.

I finished my point by saying that this issue is also imnportant becuase if police policy is delegated from Washington, that these little community meeting wont have the same effect.

I seem to remember 25.Jun.2006 10:18

at the protests

while Kroeker was here, that Sizer was on the track to being promoted, but that it was "planned" that she would do something else in the future, and so she was held back from the career track she was on in order to leave open this future plan for her.
I don't remember who told this to me, but I remember that she was in the gang of all the attackers in blue, but she was supposed to lay low instead of being more in a leadership position.
This was about two years ago---does anyone else remember anything else like this???

Laying Low 27.Jun.2006 08:32

elephant memory

Commander Sizer was "laying low" about two years ago after Chief Foxworth disciplined her for her role in the criminal coverup of the off duty police beating of a civilian while she was commander at Central precinct. If that doesn't rise to the level of disqualification for the job of Chief, then nothing does. Although her coverup was very calculated at the time, she now minimizes it as just a "mistake" and we all make mistakes. One of her first official duties was to promote Marty to commander over traffic. The pepper spraying of the babies, while costly to the city,is apparently not a disqualifier for a promotion either. Tom put his blessing on all of this. Nor is Sizer a champion for womens' rights. Piss her off and she will do whatever she can to revenge her huge ego. One thing I can say is she is not a sexist; she will eke out revenge by abusing her power be it male or female. Time will show her true colors just as Derrick was raved about on his initial Chief appointment and his true colors showed through. And Kroeker, and Moose.

Letter To Chief Sizer 18.Jul.2006 04:28

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

An Open Letter To Chief Rosie Sizer
Portland Police Bureau

Dear Chief Sizer, June 6, 2006

This letter started out to be a complaint, but before I sealed the envelope something changed that made me rethink what it is we needed to say in this letter.

The owner of this property is an elderly man with no criminal history and a huge heart full of compassion for the homeless, and his generosity has definitely been taken advantage of by some of the people he has helped over the years. I came here with a mission to clean up these problems and restore this property to a satisfactory condition. I protect this gentleman from abuse and guard his interests with legal actions, including court orders if necessary. As expected, I have made a few enemies of people who have been used to getting their way in this house by intimidation and force.

I just didn't expect to find the Portland Police on my list of abusers.

In the past 18 months or so, I can't recall even one encounter with a Portland Police officer that did not end up becoming hostile and intimidating. They have physically hurt people, and when all is said and done, they very seldom told us even part of the truth. The most egregious incident details the Portland Police being called to serve a restraining order for protection against a violent substance abuser. Instead, the officers spent 30 to 45 minutes trying to get inside to "look around" for evidence and searching the bushes around the house (?). The conversation that I overheard confirmed my belief that they were not there to help anyone. When the owner refused them access to his home and everybody in it, they said "you're being very uncooperative, so don't bother calling us if you need help anytime soon". (Was that a total disregard for the gentleman's safety and well-being, or what?) This type of police behavior has been the "norm" from what I have seen. Filing several complaints with the IPR has been to no avail, it was just our word against theirs and apparently, we counted less.

However, in the last week the most remarkable things have happened. Twice now, Portland Police have come to our door for a minor issue without attempting to bully their way inside. There was no name calling, unfounded accusations and lies, or efforts to harass anyone else---and for once there was no talk of imaginary meth labs. For the first time ever, the officer did not lie to us! He was open and honest, a pleasure to talk with!

In the past, Portland Police have earned little or no cooperation from us with their heavy-handed, deceitful intimidation tactics. We dreaded, even feared any encounter with them no matter how trivial, because even then, the most trivial situation could potentially become scary and out of control. More importantly, we could not believe anything the officers told us because they never just told us the truth---they always invented imaginary complaints or asked for our cooperation in a seemingly arbitrary investigation that usually turned into an all-out home invasion. Our responses were justified to defend ourselves and enforce our constitutional rights, only to suffer the consequences of their anger at being told "no".

Perhaps one day we will not have to be afraid to call the police for help, and our cooperation will come by choice, and not as a product of abuse, intimidation, coercion and deceit.

May I suggest taking a close look at the citizen's complaint process from the citizen's perspective? We don't expect police officers to be perfect, but when we look to the IPR for a solution to issues that are important in our lives, our cases are frequently dismissed or deemed "unsubstantiated" and never get reviewed. It's easy to feel insignificant, powerless and angry at the system. Unresolved anger must go somewhere, and sometimes our only option is to go back to where the problem began. Another vicious cycle that if stopped, will probably lower the number of complaints while raising the integrity of the Bureau---Hence, restoring our trust in your officers' ability to serve and protect the people as well as enforce the law. At present, the part of that equation that is equally important to us seems to be missing.

I don't know much about chess, but I think it's your move Chief Sizer...

Thank you for your time and patience,

Southeast Portland Resident, Ann L
Southeast Portland Homeowner, Robert L