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Zachary Jenson Denied Bail Again; Eric McDavid Moved

Sacramento Prisoner Support
June 22, 2006 Alert
Zach Denied Bail, Eric Moved
Zachary Jenson, Lauren Weiner and Eric McDavid were arrested on January 13, 2006 in Auburn, California as part of the ongoing nationwide Green Scare. They are accused of conspiring to damage or destroy by means of explosive or fire public or private property. Lauren was released on bail and has recently plead guilty; taking a deal that requires her to testify against her co-defendants and assist investigators in every way possible, and we therefore consider her to be a government informant. Eric and Zach have maintained their innocence since they were arrested. They are both pleading not guilty and are still being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail awaiting trial.

Zachary Jenson had his second bail hearing on Wednesday, June 21. He was denied bail yet again; this time by Judge Drodz. After hearing oral arguments, the judge took a five minute recess and returned with his decision. He stated that he had read Judge Holland's decision from Zach's first bail hearing. The basis of the original decision was there is not enough money being put up for Zach's release. Judge Drodz made it clear that he didn't want to undermine Judge Holland's decision, and feels that still there is still not enough money being offered to grant him bail.

Judge Drodz stated that the unlikely loss of money and/or property being put up by the family needs to constitute an economic hardship. He claimed that Zach's family has not put up enough property to ensure that Zach will not flee, despite the fact that a number of his family members are putting up ALL that they have to offer (including his mother's house). Interestingly, The US Prosecutor again made unsubstantiated claims that "prisoner support" was somehow going to whisk him into the "underground" if he were granted bail, despite constant surveillance and electronic monitoring. Zach's lawyer is determined to continue the fight for Zach's release and will continue to explore all options, and we will be here continuing to support Zach in anyway we can. Thanks to everyone who wrote letters to the Judge via Shari Rusk, Zach's lawyer; it was a valiant effort

Eric was moved to a different floor over the weekend and his address has changed. His new address is:
McDavid, Eric
X-2972521 4E 231A
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
He very much enjoys every letter he receives, and likes to receive printouts of independent media stories (NOT about his case, please).

Please continue sending Zach and Eric letters of support. They have both been in total isolation ("T-Sep"), since their arrest, and have little to no real human contact. Spending all but 5 hours per week in a single cell is extremely difficult, and both Eric and Zach absolutely cherish every letter they receive. Remember that all of their communications are both being read and documented by the government. Please do not discuss their case, issues related to the case, media portrayals of them, etc.

Funds for Zachary Jenson's lawyer are still desperately needed. Please spread the word, make a donation, or plan a fundraiser. Please email us for ideas or information on raising money for Zach.

For up to date information on how to support Zachary and Eric, please visit their support websites at www.supportzach.org and supporteric.org.

Feel free to contact us at sacprisonersupport[at]riseup[dot]net with any questions, concerns regarding Zachary, Eric, or the case as a whole.