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Road Trip to Ft. Lewis to Support Lt. Watada

Tuesday, June 27th as part of the National Call for Action Day to show support for Lt. Watada who is resisting orders to deploy to the illegal occupation.
Members of CodePink and Civil Resist Portland are heading up to Ft. Lewis on Tuesday, June 27th in response to a national call to support Lt. Watada's courage in refusing orders to deploy to Iraq. We will join Tom Krebsbach, who has been doing a solo vigil there several days a week from 10-2. We are still working out the rest of the details. Other peace groups have been notified about this effort and the more who can come out in support of Lt. Watada, the better.

Let us know if you or anyone else you know is interested in joining us. Feel free to contact me  azulism@yahoo.com and I can copy you on to our planning emails.

What we need:
A video camera or cameraperson to help with protection and documentation.
More people to join along!

homepage: homepage: http://codepinkportland.org/

where is ft. lewis? 21.Jun.2006 12:26

need directions

not sure how easy it is to find the address. does somebody have it that can post it here?

directions for the gathering 21.Jun.2006 13:02


I asked this of Tom yesterday and he provided me with this:

I usually stand in front of the Madigan gate to the fort which is on Berkeley Avenue. I believe it is exit 122 off of I-5.

Also I hear it's about a 2 1/2 drive from Portland.

Geez 21.Jun.2006 13:54

How easy is it to use google?

Courage to Resist Info on 6/27 Bannering at Ft. Lewis 21.Jun.2006 15:06

Linda J.

June 27th "National Day of Action" to Stand with Lt. Watada
Participating Events List:

Supporters outside of Fort Lewis. 4:00pm to 6:00pm Bannering and Support Rally
Supporters from Portland to Seattle will gather on the Exit 119 bridge over Interstate 5 outside of Fort Lewis with banners, signs and flags.


Carpooling 21.Jun.2006 15:25


I hope someone will set up carpool locations including one in Vancouver.