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Mayor Nagin asks for Troops

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin asks for National Guard to Return to NoLa and steps up control of citizens.
In a city that is still 50% or more abandoned or set for demolishion, City officials panic and tighten the grip on those working and atempting to rebuild in New Orleans. Parts of the city that flooded with five or more feet of water are being re-habitated sparsely by those who are able to gut their houses(a process that can take up to months/a great deal of time and money) Also, many workers have come to New Orleans as a part of a construction labor boom that is unmatched in recent history. Houses filled with up to twenty laborers are common, and rent for even flood damaged dwellings has almost tripled.

The state officials are grasping for any measures to control this spread-out, working poor & people of color population. The state seems to want the power it had for months after the hurricane; when National Guard troops patroled neighborhood streets in formation and armed.

Mayor, Council call for National Guard troops

Frustrated with the recent spate of violent killings in New Orleans, Mayor Ray Nagin and the City Council on Monday said they have asked the governor to deploy up to 300 National Guard troops and 60 state police officers to assist New Orleans police officers in patrolling the city.

The mayor and Council also said they plan to reinstitute a curfew for the city's youth, from 11 p.m. or midnight until dawn, despite some concerns over how the city will house violators overnight. The Council will also hold a crime summit in the next two weeks.

The announcements came at a special meeting called to explore ways to combat violent crime, just days after five teens were found murdered in Central City. Government officials said they are "drawing a line in the sand," and will take all action necessary to control the crime wave that has gripped the city in the last three months.

Fifty three people have been murdered in New Orleans this year, thirty-six of those since April.

While officials said they have secured a commitment from the State Police for 60 officers, it is unclear whether National Guard troops can be called into service for foot patrols almost 10 months after Hurricane Katrina. Officials said the governor supports the idea, but is investigating whether she can make it happen.

If troops are available, city officials said they would like to see the National Guard patrol the largely devastated areas to prevent looting. That would free up city and state police officers to patrol the city's violent crime hot spots. NOPD presently employs 1,486 officers, including 110 currently in leave or out sick. The current figure is down from 1,700 before the storm.

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