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Daechuri, South Korea June 18, 2006

This is an account of what happened around Pyongtaek and Daechuri in South Korea on Sunday June 18th on Sunday June 18th, 2006. Background information on why this rally took place can be found here: saveptfarmers.org
The object was to reach the Village of Daechuri - which is scheduled for demolition in order to expand the U.S. military base Camp Humphreys. The rally was in support of the Korean famers who refuse to move from their homes in Daechuri. The government denied a permit for the peaceful demonstration and posted 10,000 police and soldiers around the village to prevent the marchers from reaching their destination. All roads to Daechuri were blocked so the marchers were forced to try to reach Daechuri by walking through the fields near the village. Here are my photos.

thanks 18.Jun.2006 17:22

for your photo report

I went to your link to view the photos- they were excellent. I especially enjoyed the "look" of some of the troops. They appeared disinterested in what was occurring. They didn't seem to have the same TERMINATOR stance we often encounter at protests in amerika.

Its been a hard week for farmers in many places.

Ban The Base 18.Jun.2006 18:03

Joe A

Thanks for the update
The Pictures were Great