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United Police States of America

The United States has been turned into a Theofascist dictatorship in fact if not in name.

June 18, 2006

United Police States of America

by Mary Shaw


It's not enough that the Bush administration is spying on Americans
and collecting our phone records and other personal facts without
judicial oversight.

That apparently just doesn't do enough damage to our so-called rights.

So, to take it a step further, Bush's buddies on the Supreme Court
ruled on Thursday that police no longer have to knock before busting
down your door and searching your home.
 link to news.yahoo.com

What's next?

The end of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

Oh, wait, that's already gone, as evidenced by the hundreds of
detainees in the "war on terror" who are being held arbitrarily and
indefinitely and without due process.

The Constitution was really good while it lasted.

God bless America.



homepage: homepage: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060615/ap_on_go_su_co/scotus_police_searches

live free or die trying 18.Jun.2006 12:13

springfield armory

There comes a time during the struggle for freedom, justice and equality when protesting and passive resistance become ineffectual. I believe we have past that point. The corporate fascists cannot be persuaded even with a 50 million person march on D.C. A peacefull redress of greivances is becoming illegal and impotent. I believe our window of opportunity has closed. The executive branch have become totalitarian, the legislative bought off and the judiciary stacked. All three braches of government are corrupted to the core and have become a juggernaught for tyranny. Free elections in this country are a thing of the past thanks to Diebold and others like them. History will record that the election of 1996 was the last free election in this country. The fascists have seized control and are not about to relinquish it without a physical fight. How many Americans are willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor in a 21st century fight against tyranny and opression in America. I am not hopefull when I consider that question. Have Americans become too apathetic to notice, much less care about what is happening before their eyes? I guess American Idol is more important than liberty. I just read about what happened at the "farm" in L.A. Dozens of jack booted thugs showed up with weapons drawn to forcibly remove non-violent peace activists who had made a full price offer for the land ($16 million?). What will you do when the American gestapo starts pounding down you door because of an article you wrote or an opinion you had or material you read or activists you belong to. Will you cower in fear awaiting your fate at the hands of these stormtroopers? Or will go down fighting (literally). Is it better to die a free man or live as a slave? Only you can answer that question. The Declaration of Independence gives us the legal authority and the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights gives us the means to restore our republic.

springfield armory 19.Jun.2006 00:19


springfield armory, i understand yur frustration but I think we have not even tried nonviolence yet. protesting is not the only means and its has fails true. we need quick mass education on real antiauthortitarian resistence, not some stupid march crap. we need to education the masses fast.

Gene Sharp

From Dictatorship to Democracy (PDF)

From Dictatorship to Democracy (HTML)
From Dictatorship to Democracy (PDF)
From Dictatorship to Democracy (PDF)

yes, first thing that came to mind was Patriot II 19.Jun.2006 03:11


when I saw the news report my first thought was Bob Barr's warning
a couple years ago that since the U.S. won't tolerate Patriot II
being passed all as one package, he was certain that Bush's cronies
would eloquently pass it piecemeal by attaching each and every part
of it to every other bill that comes down the pike.

And once in a while he predicted we would se an actual piece of
that bill as a standalone, whenever they thought we would tolerate

Something tells me he was right.

June 4th Washington Post is even scarier when you take into account
that discussion of Shadow Government and detention camps becomes
"topic one" again.