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9.11 investigation

We Can't Stop Talking About This...

The Inside Job that was 9/11, that is, or what's become referred to as "MIHOP". This IS and SHOULD BE REGARDED AS the Grandfather issue of our time.
Overview of the recent 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago
17 Jun 2006

The Chicago 9/11 truth conference: No one from DemocracyNow! showed up to cover it.
Update From 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago
9/11 Convention Update
For those of you who attend the convention and want to see my presentation I will be presenting in Salon 3 on Sunday at 9: AM.
The press conference was overflowing with people and media. The speakers included Alex Jones, Ralph Shoenman & Barrie Zwicker, to name a few.

I was able to ask a question to the panel. I was humbled as the room broke into applause for me as I announced my name and affiliation to TvNewsLIES.org. I was overwhelmed by this because I realize that I am making a difference.

Before I posed my question I asked if there were any members of the corporate media covering the event. Nobody responded. I then asked if anyone from Amy Goodman's Democracy Now was covering the event. Again... the room remained silent. I said that I was "not surprised!"

The keynote speaking event was overflowing with people ranging from costume wearing truth seekers, young teens, senior citizens and parents with their children. It was very inspiring.
I was able to spend time with Jim Mars, Dylan Avery (Loose Change), Lenny Charles (INN World News), Alex Jones, Barrie Zwicker, Webster Tarpley among others. I ran into Roger, from 911blogger.com. I was able to meet Meria Heller, one of my heroes!
I am very encouraged with the start of this event and I am looking forward to the rest of the weekend.
Posted by Jesse on Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 at 10:02 am.

6 Responses to "9/11 Convention Update"
Can you please explain the comment regarding the absence of representation by Amy Goodmans Democracy Now. Am I missing something, I thought she was pretty straight up?
Left by yesterdaysfuture on June 5th, 2006
You thought wrong about Goodman. I confronted her on her ignoring 9/11 as have many others. She is more interested in protecting her status and monopoly as a real journalist in broadcast. Look at who funds her... the Ford Foundation and the like. Hmmm...
All I can say is that she ignores many real issues and focuses on the issues as if what we are dealing with is business and politics as usual. It is not. Things are VERY bad... this is not usual politics.
INN World News is the real thing. Amy has the funding, the audience and the power, but in my opinion she is part of the problem.
Left by Jesse on June 5th, 2006
Amy Goodman doesn't have to report everything, though it would be great if she would take on the 9/11 issue. Having risked her life in East Timor, she's almost had her brains smashed once, and is perhaps, simply reluctant to risk her life again. She might come around and fully report on the truth movement, I hope so, but few of us have had their heads under the swing of a rifle butt. Give her a break and go after the main press where the lies and ommissions really stand out.
Left by 7man on June 5th, 2006
Sorry, Amy gets no free pass. We all risk the same thing exposing the 9/11 facts. Amy is not with us. A journalist is a journalist. Anyting less does not count.
She has a powerful platform. She is not using it to expose all that she could and she is on the payroll of some of the people beind the issues like 9/11.
Sorry friend. No break for her. Not from me. You either do the right thing or expain why you can not. She has done neither.
Left by Jesse on June 6th, 2006
is there any site i can find freeze frames of the new released video of the pentagon plane crash?
any specific sites you recommend discussing this new video?
you make a good point to explain yr discouragment about amy goodman, but it is disturbing that you are so confrontational towards her. it tears me apart to hear someone i appreciate, like you, to be so angry at another i appreciate, like her. i am not questioning yr accusations, in fact, i accept that you have a good basis for yr dislike for her. i just wonder why it is so important for you to discredit her, when she has the best program of daily news that gets out the most information that even you have to admit, others do not. so, she doesnt get it ALL out. i was disappointed to not hear ANYBODY talk about the new pentagon release and frustrated to not find the freeze frames. how many others than her reported about haiti and aristide? she was on the plane with him as they rescued him from africa. iraq? hell, the US kidnapped aristide! no outrage, no news support to build this crime. i am sure there is a way for you to persuade her, but it is not by drawing lines and public announcements of yr feelings of shame at her. jesse, i read you everday i can and i really do not have a lot of time to read. at work, i listen to her. during the day i listen to other talk shows. there is so much to report and there is so much to repair from reports that are given everyday. i listen to rush everyday and he says stuff that may take a person like me, weeks to find the truth, and others may not ever look!
Left by mcbride on June 13th, 2006
Regarding Goodman... if you knew the details of the first ecounter I had with her (and Greg Palast) you would be very dissapointed in her and you would respect for what I did and did not do.
I can tell a very unflattering story about her but I chose not to. If you are truly interested I'll tell you over the phone. Then I think you would understand.
You can find my contact info on the main site.
phony 'left' media 17.Jun.2006 22:56

the REAL revolutionary

well i find this story very interesting! i myself have an 'experience' with Amy Goodman. i attended the austin, tx indy media conference in february 2005 and she was the keynote speaker. i gave her a copy of david ickes' book, alice in wonderland and the world trade center diasater. she said she would 'try and find the time to look at it'. now i don't know if she ever did 'find the time to look at it', but it dosen't seem like it to me! now i know that the regular readers of this site are familiar with all the begging questions of 911, but i have yet to see any evidence that Amy Goodman or NPR are really questioning these issues. just like the mainstream media does NOT cover the 911 story adequately, it seems that certain of the 'alternative' media also effectivly ignores the real questions concerning it. here is a flow chart of the controllers of certain of the 'left' media organizations. it would seem that if these connections are true then the so-called left media organs are various degrees of 'phony'! can someone please do a check on this flow chart and see how true it tracks?
those who control the information, control the knowledge!
those who control the information, control the knowledge!