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Rose City Copwatch Training -6pm tonite June 17th

(503)-993-9464 <  info@rosecitycopwatch.org>

Rose City Copwatch will present an interactive workshop entitled "How to Copwatch: The Basics of Monitoring the Police" Saturday June 17, 4-6pm at the Augustana Lutheran Church (2710 NE 14th Ave). This event is free and will teach you how to safely, legally and effectively monitor and document police activity in your neighborhood. We will cover civil rights basics, practical observation techniques, why we copwatch, and staying safe.
Rose City Copwatch has been conducting successful community "patrols" in which members and volunteers document and record police-public interactions with the goals of reducing police violence, holding the police accountable when misconduct does occur, and serving as an example that we all have the right to demand accountability from the police. Attendance at this workshop is a prerequisite for joining our patrols, and also a good idea if you want to start your own!

For more information about the workshop, patrols, or Rose City Copwatch contact us at (503)-993-9464 or


Typo! 17.Jun.2006 10:30

Interested party

The training starts at 4pm!

And, hey, indymedia, why not some center-column love for this community service? It's free, and it was originally posted here way earlier this week.