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Peace Protesters Picket Democrats in Vancouver, WA

While Clark Co. Dems wined and dined at their annual J/J fundraises, 6 protesters picketed in the streets outside the Hilton
The Clark County annual Democrat social and fundraiser, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, didn't happen without a protest out front of the new Hilton in downtown Vancouver. At $50 a pop, 6 protesters stood outside as we watched people going in. What is crazy is these people say they are for peace. Really!

If they are for peace, they wouldn't be going inside. We reminded them there are many bills the 3rd Congressional representatives have not signed onto to help get our troops home now. We told them Sen. Murray and Cantwell voted with the Republicans yesterday. Our own Rep. Baird has not signed on to Bills, such as the Murtha Resolution, redeploying troops, a debate on Iraq, stopping war funding, plans for withdrawal, and no permanent bases.

In addition to my fellow church members (liberal) attending, I was astouded a vocal proponent of the stop corporate personhood attended. What do they think the Democrats are sponsored by? Some from Vancouver for Peace also attended. Where are they going with this attitude? People need to rise up. The roses have been smelled and they've rotted. Our reps. don't have a brain, let alone a spine.

Well, the 6 of us protesting were of the same group who sign weekly in front of the library at Mill Plain, Eddie & Gary, Den, Dave G, and me (genny). We were joined by Dave M. and Betty and several who held our signs for awhile. I know Code Pink and Vets for Peace had events tonight in Portland, so others were elsewhere. But look at our own community. There are idiots who smile as they go for Dems and say they want peace.

If you want peace, people, get out there and stand up for it. It's getting worse all the time, and attending a Dem fundraiser won't cut it. As Dennis Kucinich said, it's the people who have to demand it--in the streets and the ballot box. Today is not a social game.
Great Job! 17.Jun.2006 11:21


Way cool! No doubt more people will join you next time.
The Democrats are pathetic. Who are the alternative candidates?

Divide and Conquer... 17.Jun.2006 12:17

D' Amat

...Us vs. Them.
We should be careful not to paint everyone with such a broad brush that we see them as the enemy for not expressing themselves in the exact same way we do.
Just as our side is made up of people with disparate beliefs and ideologies, we come together around our common values, which is peace, justice and freedom.
Some take the pragmatic logical view that they can work for change within the corrupt political system in the one party more likely to allow it.
The Republicans are much further down the path towards all out corporo-fascism and have an inherent disregard for the voice and will of the common proletariat.
Don't get me wrong - the Dems are well on their way - but I think they are in much more of a position to have to listen to their constituents than their dialectic counterpart.
Let's be their conscience screaming at them, be their little Jiminey Cricket on their shoulder, just let's not be so eager to pin a collaborator badge on those who still believe they can do it by working with them. We will alienate more people than we could hope to persuade that way. The best way to beat Bush (and those like him) is to not be like him. It means not getting locked into a ridged 'You're either with us, or against us' mentality. Whenever we adopt it, we lose.
Like Chomsky says, you support the candidate you really believe in (in my case it was Kucinich), but if you're in a swing state, vote AGAINST the candidate you don't want to win (I think we all know who that was), by voting for his most likely opponent. I know- it's disgusting that that is our current process, but it is what it is until a stronger third party coalition is built up. I support third party candidates as an investment in the future. Hopefully they will garner growing power in the future as the true nature of our political process becomes apparent to mainstream America.
Until then, all this in-fighting assures we'll never find common ground, just as the mainstream Dem-party's sell-out is a betrayal of a genuine political process.

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner 17.Jun.2006 13:07


Jackson was a genocidal war criminal - "trail of tears"

Jefferson and Jackson were both major slavemasters.


This is the legacy of the Democratic Party - One they are proud of.

Names 17.Jun.2006 16:57

Den Mark, Vancouver

Jeff & Jack have "name recognition" for democrats, something they sorely need. They don't care about historic truth. They need "name recognition".

d=r=war 17.Jun.2006 19:45


The ballot box? 18.Jun.2006 12:08


This article is a nightmare. You forbid voting Democrat and obviously republican as if you are the first to "think outside of the box" but here you are telling us action is on the streets and "in the ballot box". Is it? Is it really? I agree with the other statement, fuck the Democratic populus all together, it's a ruse and has been so for quite sometime. Clinton pushes Nafta through and we are to argue that America has ever has a "Democracy"? So good, let's stand outside of the Democratic dinner party and get on their shit. But then you go on with Kucinich....heh. It's a two party system, Kucinich doesn't count and nor will he ever count. Both of the two parties are equally terrorist organizations with different faces, so then fuck the ballot box.
Code pink is primarily a Democratic group. They are a joke.


Where are the alternative parties? 18.Jun.2006 13:08


If ever there was a time for a successful third party effort, it is now. People are disenchanged with both the Reps and Dems. I am not the only one who will not vote for anyone merely as a vote against the other candidate. Yet, I suspect that the reasons Seattle can't get organized--see comments on why Seattle can't get organized-- http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/06/341195.shtml
is likely to hold true for other cities and other activist communities and political organizing. Those on the "left"--what ever that means--have trouble working together. Even here in Olympia, I am sorry to say--and for some of the same reasons as Seattle.
As long as we stay divided, the Dems and Reps will be the only "viable" parties. As long as we hold rigid litmus tests to judge others as "not like us," not much will happen to change the political system. Supporting a third party candidate who represesnts most of your views makes sense--no one is perfect nor will they be able to bring down the system.
As long as folks see organization as the work of evil, hierarchicial power mongers, not much will really happen. As long as people value "independence" and "critical thinking" over collaboration and creative thinking, not much will really happen to bring about change.
As long as people hold to pie in the sky ideas about bringing down capitalism (I'm not saying it is a bad idea, so don't go nuts--it just isn't the place to start) instead of looking for concrete strategies to take on specific changes, not much will happen.
Having a few alternative voices matters in Congress. On issues that are decided on the margin--and most controversial issues are won or lost by just a few votes-- then electing third pary candidates makes sense now. Think of some of the recent votes in Congress--would the outcomes have been different if 5 senators were one of our own? We only need to get 5 third party candidates (like Bernie Sanders who is running in Vermont) in the U.S. to tip the balance on crucial votes. We only need 5, not 100. It is a much easier goal. we can support candidates in other states if we can't find one in our own.
In Washington, Mike Williams is running in the primary against Cantwell. And Aaron Dixon is running on the Green Party.
(Note--we also have to make sure the elections are honest for this strategy to work--see Greg Palast).

Correction 18.Jun.2006 14:36


Mark Wilson is running as a Democrat against Cantwell. Mark is a strong peace advocate and veteran for peace. Aaron Dixon will run as a Green for Cantwell's position.

Wilson formerly ran as a Green and Libertarian.