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Time for the sanctuary movement to start up again.
I remember with affection St Joseph Episcopal Church in Detroit offering sanctuary to a Marine who was awol during the war on Viet-Nam. It was a time when a scattering of churches across the country were doing the same, that is, offering sanctuary to soldiers who refused to fight in an illegal immoral war. First Methodist Church in Tacoma has now offered itself as sanctuary, & may the sanctuary movement begin again! Of course, sanctuary is always violated by the state eventually, but defiance & stalemate, even if temporary, are important in the struggle for justice. Maybe we can urge the process along, by asking our respective "faith communities" to declare themselves sanctuaries for war resistors. After all, Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." And other prophets said similar. Maybe we should pull out phone books & call ten religious communities every day thru'out metro Portland/Vancouver, & everywhere, urging that they become sanctuaries. One or two just might. Hey, churches & synagogues & such don't pay property taxes. So the rest of us who cover them with our taxes should have something to say about how they use their properties. The time is beyond right. Sanctuaries, NOW!
110% agree 17.Jun.2006 02:11

that one

I agree this is way over due and we need international assylum for those in the military and those targetted by this regime seeking amnesty

This may help convince church leaders 17.Jun.2006 07:57


If we could get the church leaders to see:


This Video shows the News broadcast of the day of 9/11 and is easier to watch then:

 link to video.google.com

We might be able to get them convinced to help. And after they watch it, maybe they will inform their church members.

We need to get the leaders in the churchs informed. I just wish their computers were faster. Maybe we can get them to go to a library to see it. I hope libraries have the capability of showing this video.

I have been going on the internet and getting church websites and sending them website  http://www.911revisited.com/video.html and asking them to watch it.

Are there any other leaders that we could inform?

Please help get the word out.