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Standing on a Bellevue Corner Waiting for Bush to Drive By

A small high-spirited crowd gathered in Bellevue today as the rain waited until after the demonstration was over before pouring down. This was a passionately pro-peace, anti-Bush policies crowd who wanted change!
After a few speeches on a wide range of issues, we marched through Bellevue and then headed to Medina where Bush was selling "photos with the Pres" to raise money for the vulnerable GOP. We sang some songs and chanted on this mile-long walk. The Bellevue police adjusted to the change in plans and stopped traffic at every intersection so no one got left behind. Since I was the slowest walker in the crowd, I appreciated it. No one knew for sure which way Bush's motorcade would go but when we showed up on 24th street, the presence of the Seattle police and the barricades were a clue we are at the right spot. There was some friendly banter between some of people and the police. At one point, it seemed as if there were more police than demonstrators. Then the police tensed up and we knew Bush was on his way. It was a brief moment as the motorcycles and limos sped through the intersection too quickly for me to even get a decent picture.
As we marched and waited for Bush in this very white and wealthy enclave, many Bellevue drivers showed support for our stand and a few dissed us. There were, however, no organized pro-Bush folks.
I'm glad I made the long early morning drive. It was important for me to be there. Yes, I know, the critics will point out the 10 different ways my being there was pointless. However, today I needed to stand up and speak out for what I believe. I hope that other people will stand on the corner wherever Bush drives by as a reminder to the world that he does not represent us. I take comfort in this quote by Vaclav Havel--
"Hope is an orientation of spirit, an orientation of the heart.
It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out."

YEAY! 16.Jun.2006 19:14


Good job getting our voice heard for the people that couldn't be there!

Thanks for being there! 16.Jun.2006 23:38


We did a demonstration for peace today at the Democrat fundraiser in Vancouver, WA. We HAVE to be in the streets. Thank you. Stand up for what is right.