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Sign of Peace in Lincoln City

We found this encouraging sign on 101 in Lincoln City.
We drove to Lincoln City yesterday to catch a breath of the ocean and on Highway 101 going South around 30th street, we saw this sign stapled to a telephone pole. I am always encouraged when I see evidence of others' working for Peace, and thought I would send the inspiration along to this list.

Against the Garin 16.Jun.2006 15:04

Joe Anybody

I hope the authorities don't see the sign They will tear it down for sure It is against America's Current Values

I understand, Joe 16.Jun.2006 16:00


That is just what I thought, Joe, so I got the picture as soon as I saw the sign. It was still there today...so it has survived for at least 24 hours. I don't know when it was put up. Whatever happens to it, it inspired some of us and still does here on Indy.

It makes me smile just to see it 16.Jun.2006 17:33

Joe (anybody)

Speaking of Inspired

"Thanks for taking the picture"

You guys made me think of ... 16.Jun.2006 17:42


"You know that peace will only be won when we blow them all to kingdom come" -- Country Joe

Just before we invaded Iraq, when it was clear to the world that the invasion *would* take place, that the time of diplomacy was past, Colon Powell [sp?] went to tell lies before the U.N. To accomodate his lies and his call to arms they knew was coming, the folks at the U.N. covered up the famous Picasso painting.

It was clear at that point that peace was no longer a value, that the time of Guernica had come around again.


But peace was once an American value. I remember it. I know it and think it still is. The warfighter today even gives lip service to it -- deep down they long for it. But they are taught to fight for peace. They are conditioned to believe that their violence will bring peace. Their commanders play on that innocent value and through distortion of logic, manage to convince many that "war is peace".

But I like that simple sign. Where's my staplegun...

Make love, not war 16.Jun.2006 20:15


Very nice to see. Thanks.

Now, the next thing we must see is grandpas, grandmas,
parents, students, everyone wearing the peace symbol & flashing the
peace sign everywhere (as it was 38 or so years ago).

Make love, not war.