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Don't stand behind closed doors

In a 5-4 decision the U.S. Supremacy Court ruled that police armed with a search warrant may IGNORE the knock and announce rule.
Inside your home, you should paint all your exit doors with DANGER signs - INTRUDER ALERT. The police have gone to incorrect addresses before. They've also showed up to search for things that were never found. Now they have the right to barge right in. If your children are sitting near the door playing, they aren't safe. Neither are elderly or disabled. They can get the shit knocked out of them by their own front or back door. Once again, the Supremacy Court has sent the citizens a message.

Police State 16.Jun.2006 14:09

Joeys Mom

Here it is folks the Police State. I would not say fuck the constitution though. They did that in 2000 when the supreme court gave our country over to madmen. There is nothing wrong with our constitution. These crazys want and are throwing it away. This is not the America I knew and not the one I will have. We need to say ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! Troops home now! Impeach Bush and his crime family! Out of Iraq! No war on Iran or any place else!!!!