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Poll Shows most troops station in Iraq want to come home

While both the Bush administration and the Democratic leadership council dig in thier heels to stay the cource in Iraq A recent poll shows the majority of troops station in Iraq feel the war should end in 2006.
72% of troops stationed in Iraq say the war should end in 2006
While growing numbers of US troops deserting, (8,000 according to pentatgon reports) , intentionally failing drug tests and one officer refusing orders to deploy in Iraq, a recent Zogby poll shows that 72% of those stationed in Iraq feel the war should end this year. While only 23% agreed with George Bush that they should stay as long as need, 29% felt they should be pulled out at once.
While the vast majority of the troops, 93%, recognized that finding weapon of mass destruction was not a reason for the troops being sent to Iraq, most (82%) saw the war as a retaliation for Saddam Hussains involement in the september 11 attacks. Like many americans they remain unaware of the large body of evidence showing Saddam, while not a very nice man, had no connections with the attack.
So where does supporting our troops come in? Just yesterday senate passed two bills, one providing 65.8 billion dollars to fund the war through till September another providing 50 more billion to fund the war from October to March (another 19.8 billion went to help those recovering from Hurricane Katrina.) During this budgeting George Bush vetoed funds that would go to help Veterans. Neither the Bush Administration or the Democractic leadership Council show signs of backing away from a position in firm support of a prolong US military presence in Iraq, rather both indicate expanding the war into other areas such as Iran. The reality is the war will not end unless the power of the people is applied to make it end.

the results of the poll are available at

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