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Cantwell stands ground on Iraq

Is anyone else as sick of her crap as me? Probably I'm sure many of you . Who the HELL does she think she represents ? Microsoft ,Boeing ,Starbuck's all wAr bucks ! Not ordinary PEOPLE .
Cantwell stands ground on Iraq
Calls on Bush to recruit help to get U.S. troops out

P-I WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT  http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/274038_cantwelliraq15.html

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Maria Cantwell declined again Wednesday to endorse a date for pulling U.S. troops from Iraq, calling instead on President Bush to name a special envoy to promote regional diplomacy and for more foreign involvement to stabilize the fractured country.

Despite mounting pressure from the liberals in her Democratic Party to change her policy on Iraq, Cantwell held firm, refusing to apologize for her 2002 vote in support of the war. In Washington state, Cantwell's position on the war has emerged as the dominant issue among Democrats, with many expressing disappointment in Cantwell.

Iraq has deeply divided Democrats at all levels, as the party has been unable to reconcile vastly competing visions for how best to deal with Iraq.

Cantwell's 15-minute address from the Senate floor was largely a restatement of earlier positions. The only new item was her call for the United Nations to establish a high commissioner for Iraq who, Cantwell said, would be a way to draw hesitant nations into the effort to rebuild Iraq.

More generally, Cantwell said heightened foreign involvement would take pressure off U.S. forces and accelerate plans for a functioning, reliable government to take hold.

"For the sake of the U.S. troops that are on the ground, we must make sure that the Iraqi government knows that we want the security responsibilities transitioned to them. And we must make it clear that the United States is not going to stay in Iraq indefinitely," Cantwell said.

Those steps, which independent analysts said could yield some results, are unlikely to appease liberal Democrats in Washington state who have soured on Cantwell for not offering a sharper denunciation of a war that has claimed nearly 2,500 American soldiers, caused 8,000 casualties and cost $320 billion.

Cantwell's position on Iraq has emerged as a central question in her campaign for re-election against Republican Mike McGavick, as some Democrats have criticized her for not supporting an early withdrawal of troops.

Instead, she said that Bush should rely more heavily on allies to carry the load -- financially and militarily -- and focus on creating a robust and self-sufficient security force in Iraq that would then allow U.S. troops to gradually withdraw. She also criticized Republican leaders in Congress for not providing more aggressive oversight of the war.

"I feel very strongly about international cooperation," she said, suggesting that part of the slow pace in Iraq is connected to Bush's refusal to work with allies.

With the Iraqi government finally formed, Cantwell said one half of the critical milestones have been met. With international assistance, the second milestone -- a functioning, effective Iraqi security force -- could be achieved within 18 months. That would allow the U.S. to start withdrawing troops, she said.

From the Senate floor, she also said that the Bush administration must acknowledge its missteps and allow for a more open debate about the path for securing Iraq.

Much of the critical conversation about Cantwell's Iraq stance has been conducted on the Internet. The creator of a prominent political blog in Washington state, David Goldstein, said he doubts Cantwell's comments Wednesday would change many minds.

"Many on the left in Washington state have latched on to Senator Cantwell as the local symbol of this war, and I'm not sure if anything could dissuade them of that notion," Goldstein, who runs the blog HorsesAss.org (www.horsesass.org), said in an e-mail.

"Instead, what we get are reasonable speeches like this in which she lays out a very pragmatic, if emotionally unsatisfying, approach," Goldstein wrote. "While she does not explicitly say so, I read this speech as setting a goal of being ready to substantially withdraw within 18 months, and considering the security concerns, again, that seems rather pragmatic and even optimistic. But again, that won't come anywhere near satisfying those who are demanding an immediate withdrawal."

Cantwell's moderate approach, in fact, is similar to one held by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., which has been ridiculed by party activists.

On Tuesday, Clinton was booed by liberal Democrats meeting in Washington, D.C., when she refused to support troop withdrawals this year or to apologize for her support for the war.

Just how divided Democrats are on the issue will become clearer today in Senate and House debates on U.S. policy in Iraq. In the House, Republican leaders have refused to allow a full debate on Iraq policy.
P-I Washington correspondent Charles Pope can be reached at 202-263-6461 or  charliepope@seattlepi.com.

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go green

i am glad someone is running on a peace ticket. overt peace candidates are still spoty.
local peace candidates in vancouver, wa are yet to precipitate. local green have yet to run a candidate.

i hope they would for the alternative is is direly needed

Another alternative is Mark Wilson 17.Jun.2006 19:10


He's running in the Democrat primary.