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Multnomah County is threatening me with deportation

Is so, my american wife of 9 years and our two boys, one 1 years old and the other 4 years old wouls all stay togther which will mean 4 people, 3 american born citizens.
PSTD was already there before Fouad, I got attcked for making a 911 call to report an assult on my nieghbors, they needed help and I was pleading with the 911 dipatcher to send some. I then blacked out, was waken in an ambulance and had severe head injuries, multiple concussions from kicks, and a broken right face. The police showed up around 30 minutes later after I eas already gone, and the suspects were long gone. Days after my surgery my wife and I were asked to come to the DA's office so we did. He wanted me to lie, he actually said said "Why do you care what happens to these guys, they almost killed you" he then ended the meeting and said he would be in touch, my wife and I left feeling very toubled. I would never lie to put somone in jail, no matter what. My victims assistance advocate later told me that she was called and given instructions to in no way contact or talk to me. I asked for help cause of my condition and they said there was no help avaliable and should call my insurance. We were told that we would be helped out with doctors and with money, our application was denied. But worse than all of this is the way Mult. And Clack. Counties went after me with a vengance ever since, a hate that my atorneys, ajudge and everyone else takes notice of when ever I am trying to deal with those three years of trouble I got into because I was mentally gone, and I mean gone. Clackamas county put me in jail for 60 days for driving while suspended, I took my wife to have a DNC at mt. Hood med., she was bleeding and our baby died. The guys who attacked me served only 30 days in jail. The attack was recorded by the 911 operator. When Fouad then got murdered, wow. I have gone back and read my postings, I can't believe the shape I was in just by my writings. Its like a PSTD timeline, or PSTD diary like.
Now I am being threatened with deportation by the Mlutnomah County DA. I came to the states with my mother and three brothers in 1973 after the death of my father and to escape a war, I was 2 1/2 years old. I have two american/Syrian boys, an american wfe of 9 years who is from California, I own my own retail bussines and empoy 5 kids (17 - 23), own my home and have over 600 relatives living in Portland or. I have a pernament residence, and they want to deport me to Syria? When marrige and family are in so much trouble in this country, they sure are determined to break this one up. I will not be the only to be depoted, it would be my family, my wife and I already deciding this. Thats 4 Americans.

Be a good citizen and report crimes? My story says run and look the other way.

They can't do it 16.Jun.2006 13:16


They will get immigration to do it. There are many of us who the county and city would love to deport, and since I am a born citizen so I can say FUCKYOU. I am sorry your seeing evil at work here in the US, but never forget we who do speak up and cause irritation to this evolving dictatorship have always been here, considering your ties to the so many and community, it would be almost impossible to deport you. Sorry you have to go through this shit, but you are more American than any other poster here, we are all Americans.