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Push Polls from Bill Sizemore -- Beware

A push poll is a political campaign technique in which an individual or organization attempts to influence or alter the view of respondents under the guise of conducting a poll ... Push polling has been condemned by the American Association of Political Consultants -- wikipedia
Yesterday I got a phone call from a lady asking if I'd be willing to participate in a survey. I said well maybe, who are you? She was from Nelson surveys (not sure of exact name). She said the topic of the survey was Oregon measure 23. I did not know what that was and she started to tell me all about it -- something about credit reports and insurance rates.

She went on to say that the survey would give me information about the measure and then get my response. Also to get my response to what others are saying about the measure.

I said wait a minute, you mean this survey is all about this single measure? She said yes. I then asked if this was a push poll. Push poll? Sorry i don't know what you mean she said. I told her a push poll is a bogus survey designed to "push" information or propaganda out, designed to influence public opinion and not just measure it. Well she fumbled around bit and I finally said listen, never mind. I'd rather not continue.

She was most polite and thanked me for my time and then admitted and I quote, "Off the record, the answer to your question is yes."

Anyway, looks like 23 a bill sizemore thing --  http://www.blueoregon.com/2006/06/initiative_roun.html. You remember him, the guy who really likes the old testament.

I get them all the time 15.Jun.2006 12:19


I must be on some list because they're always calling me (so do the legit ones) but didn't know what they were called until now-thanks!. I consider it a duty to mess with them as much as possible without being rude to the person on the other end of the phone, possibly another desperate worker bee, often not even from Oregon. I try to let them know that there might be a way out of that job through various schooling programs or job openings if I can get a word in edgewise.
Just got one yesterday from Westlund for Governor I'm guessing. Told the "pollster" I thought the candidate was wishy washy and a few other choice words.
Thanks for the info!

the goof 15.Jun.2006 18:02


sometimes i just goof on them. "are you in favor of killing unborn babies." "oh, yes, i am. very much." they make me suspicious of the real pollers, but i like to have my opinion registered. sometimes i take the opportunity to truly express it.

Not a Sizemore poll 17.Jun.2006 21:59

Bill Sizemore bill@otu.org

My measure stops insurance companies from increasing rates due to one's credit score, which is just a wag to gouge people who cannot defend themselves. If there is a poll gong on out there, it is not one I commissioned. It is almost cetainly a poll by the insurance industry trying to find out how to beat the measure. I have heard that one of their strategies may be to try to get people to vote it down because I am the author and sponsor. The measure is a good idea and is the right thing to do. I have no ulterior reason for sponsoring it. Liberals should love it as should fair-minded conservatives. The idea should stand in its own, no matter who is sponsoring it.
Bill Sizemore

Hey Bill... 18.Jun.2006 01:17


Please tell us more about this measure. I can find little reference to it. Do you have a link to the text? What do you hope to personally accomplish? Think you'll ever regain enough credibility to get back into politics?

And what do you think about the practice of push polls? I personally think they are evil. The first time I got sucked into one I walked away feeling like I've just been had.

Anyway, from what little I know about measure 23, it sounds like a bad idea. If insurance companies can't use credit reports to set rates, they will probably just resort to redlining.