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A report of a recent gathering in Salem to hear a speaker present information on construction of the Wall in Israel.
A speaker for the Pal-Sal group presented maps clearly depicting erosion of lands belonging to the people dependent upon the land to survive. The Wall is forcing starvation of the Palestinian people. He spoke on Sunday in Salem to an audience that were, for the most part, already informed. The Statesman Journal did not reprint anything significant even though using valuable time asking questions for a detailed story. The speaker acknowledged presence of Russian immigrants linked to the Mafiya and added many Russian women have become prostitutes in Israel. He responded to questions about AIPC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) stating that their influence on the U.S. Congress was disproportionate. One person present asked hostile questions and gathered material in a manner that aroused suspicion because of how many copies he took of each brochure. Unfortunately, Governor Kulongowski endorsed AIPAC without reservation or political consequence.
This author made the link with politics in Washington. Before Scooter Libby was indicted he had worked for Marc Rich who worked for the Russian Mafiya. Valerie Plame was outed, but when with the CIA in 1988, '89 her group interdicted shipments of VX nerve gas contracted by the Jewish-run Carlyle group to Iraq, allegedly to salt evidence for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Greg Palast suggests that the purpose of the Iraq invasion was not to secure oil, but rather to prevent a glut on the market keeping prices from coming down. The brutal evidence of Mafiya in Washington politics once again surfaced with the disappearance of Philip Merrill.
The latest victim of the "Chesapeake Triangle" is Philip Merrill, the publisher of the Annapolis-based Capital-Gazette Newspapers (publisher of the Annapolis Capital and Maryland Gazette) and the Washingtonian magazine. Last Sunday, Merrill's sailboat, the Merrilly, was found drifting with the engine running off Breezy Point in Calvert County, Maryland.
However, Merrill also was very much part of the traditional Washington foreign policy establishment, having served as Assistant Secretary General of NATO, a participant in Law of the Sea and disarmament conferences, philanthropist for the environmental Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the University of Maryland journalism college, and a trustee of the chic Aspen Institute. Merrill served intermittently as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for South Asia at the Department of State from 1961 to 1968.
While Merrill headed the EX-IM Bank from 2002 to 2005, the bank routed a significant amount of money to entities associated with the Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli mafia -- the shadowy network that has been linked to fugitive Marc Rich, his one-time lawyer "Scooter" Libby, Jack Abramoff, Adam Kidan, and various Russian oligarchs who are now exiled in Israel to avoid extradition for their various crimes. The EX-IM Bank under Merrill's tenure also financed U.S. reconstruction projects in Coalition Provisional Authority-occupied Iraq, programs that resulted in the loss of billions of U.S. taxpayers' funds. Merrill had also supported using future Iraqi oil and natural gas revenues to finance Halliburton and Bechtel oil industry infrastructure projects in the occupied country. In May 2003, Merrill told a congressional committee that the locking of Iraqi revenues for future U.S. projects had "real merit."
For those who wish not to consider how close to home is all of this distant corruption, please take a moment to awaken before returning to your daily pursuits.