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violent represion in oaxaca

14 Jun 2006
To the peoples of the world
To the people of Mexico
To the civil society
To the social political, and humans rights organizations,
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, June 14 of 2006

Today, June 14, 2006, on of the most abhorrent manifestations of the exercise of power on behalf of the government has been perpetrated in Mexico. At 4:40 a.m., an act of repression against the social movement in Oaxaca began. At dawn today, state government police forces brutally and violently evacuated teachers who were occupying streets and the central square of downtown Oaxaca. We are speaking of more than fifty thousand teachers.

video, photos and español: mexico.indymedia.org, Noticias de Oaxaca, EZLN Response
They also beat other people and destroyed the radio equipment of Radio Plantón, 92,1 F.M., a wireless station that is been continuously transmitting the situation of the teachers movement. This community radio, which has been operating for a year, has played an important role in the transmission of clear and transparent information as it occurs in Oaxaca and our country.

This act is yet another piece of evidence of the repression that governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz has orchestrated against those who disagree with policies that violate human rights and those who stand up to denounce social injustice and the state of siege lived in today.
There are disappeared teachers, people hurt and intoxicated with tear gases, apprehensions, and domiciliary persecutions. Also mentioned are the death of two children and at least three teachers. After five hours of skirmish, the teachers began to re-occupy the central square while "the forces of the order" regroup in other places of the city to reinitiate the aggression.

The city´s inhabitants are very disturbed and have begun to organize in support of the teachers. Similarly, social organizations are pronouncing themselves against the repression.

On the other hand, governmental and commercial media, both radio and television, try to cause the social irritation against the teachers. Due to the destruction of Radio Plantón, groups of students and teachers took over Radio Universidad, the station of the Independent University Benito Juárez of Oaxaca, and are transmitting minute by minute what is happening in the streets of the city. In addition, the University has announced its total support to the teachers, declaring that this conflict has taken on a widespread social character and
invites the society in general to join the movement.

The main demands of the teachers are: adjustment of wages according to the cost of the life in Oaxaca; strengthening of support programs to the schools, mainly regarding infrastructure; allowance of equipment and diverse educational materials to students who live in the municipalities of greater marginalization; finally, an end to repression against education workers; clarification on cases of the disappeared; and the liberation of the political prisoners.

Currently, social discontent and mobilization increase. In the face of this barbaric repression, more protests have sparked:10 Municipal Presidencies have been taken over, among which are Juchitán, Zimatlán, Huautla de Jiménez, Teotitlán de Flores Magón, Matías Romero, Huajuapan of Leon, Port Angel and Puerto Escondido. Farmers are marching in from Tuxtepec. Inhabitants of San Salvador Atenco make their way towards the State Capital. The future seems uncertain, but hope grows.

For this reason, the teacher´s movement, social organizations, and a great number of inhabitants of the city hold the governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz responsible of the chaos and the violence currently affecting the most indigenous state of the country.

Finally, while a mega-march is being planned for next Friday, the government has sent orders of apprehension to the leadership. We hope to count on your support, and request the most ample circulation of this information.

images: http://mexico.indymedia.org/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=43

Oaxaca Explodes 15.Jun.2006 10:21

Austin Indymedia

Oaxaca Explodes
by baku lost
14 Jun 2006

Only a little more than a month after the brutality of Atenco, the Mexican government has once again revealed its tendency to violently repress political activity. This is what Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz means be '"doing away with the social problems" of Oaxaca.

For the past three weeks, teachers, families of students, and the young students themselves have been in plantón, peacefully occupying nearly 50 blocks of central Oaxaca City. Essentially, the teachers are demanding a living wage from the state government and Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. However, tensions have risen and the demands have transformed into a broader demands against neoliberalism and the ousting of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

The teachers, families, and students had constructed a vast tarp and tent city sprawling across the city center and into the outlaying streets. When walking through the zócalo, one must constantly duck and dodge the web of ropes holding the tarps aloft. Thousands of teachers, families, and students are constantly meeting, watching the World Cup, and awaiting some sort of resolution with the government. The presence of the teachers in the zócalo has changed the vibe of the city from a tranquil, beautiful tourist town into the brewing political storm that lies underneath the surface of beautiful beaches and tourist trinkets.

news violent represion in oaxaca | photo Photos | video Video | audio Audio en español | Background information
This morning between 4 and 5 while the protestors slept, the 3500 Ministry police and federal police viciously attacked the platón. The line of vision in the center of the city seems suddenly open. During the platón you could not see a block ahead of you because of tarps crisscrossing every street. Now, you can see for blocks and thousands of multicolored tarps lay crumpled on the ground. Trash is everywhere, smashed dozens of eggs are starting to smell in the heat, smashed TVs and glass litters the ground, and nearly every store in the vicinity is closed for fear of violence. My eyes burned and leaked because of the smoldering remains of plastic tarps, set ablaze by firebombs thrown by the police, mixing with lingering tear gas.

The Red Cross reports that 7 adults and 3 children were killed in the attack or due to inflicted wounds. Indymedia Oaxaca reports of that 100 people have disappeared.

And Oaxaca remains in a state of war. The people are pissed. Crowds with sticks, pipes, and machetes roam the streets anticipating another attack from the government. Roving protests have shut down the city. Ruiz Ortiz may be hiding in his home, but right now it is a temporary state of anarchy in the city center. Who knows what will happen.

Update and How to Help 15.Jun.2006 19:53

repost: FRO

June 14, 2006

The 23 day old teacher strike/demonstration in Oaxaca was brutally
broken up today by approximately 3,000 policemen who beat everybody in sight
(elders, children, and women included), shot people and destroyed
vehicles and other property. Even though the numbers differ we have received
word that among the many atrocities are at least 2 dead children and
possibly up to 9 teachers who were killed, many were wounded and dozens arrested
(some taken in unmarked cars to unknown places = disappeared). The free
radio (Radio Planton) there was key announcing when the government
forces were rolling in and the police broke in and destroyed the equipment.
Many teachers have returned to the place where they have been demonstrating
and the police is regrouping. Subcomandante Marcos is asking all the
Zapatista supporters to condemn this new act of repression by the State in
statements and actions. The e-mail below has a detailed account of what
happened and has the e-mail addresses of the government officials that
should be contacted in protest:

Governor of the State of Oaxaca.:  gobernador@oaxaca.gob.mx

Jorge Franco Vargas: Secretary of Government of the State of Oaxaca:
Tel.(011 52)(951) 5153175, 5157490:  sriagral@oaxaca.gob.mx,

Jaime Mario Pérez Jiménez, Comission of Human Rights of the State of
Oaxaca, quejas@cedhoax.org
Tel. (011 52)044 951 104 43 06 , Fax: (011 52) (951) 5135185, 5135191,
5135197,  correo@cedhoax.org

President Vicente Fox Quesada email:
 vicente.fox.quesada@presidencia.gob.mx ,
 radio@presidencia.gob.mx,  webadmon@op.presidencia.gob.mx

phone (55) 50911100 y (55)151794

Secretary of Government: Carlos Abascal Carranza. Phone (011 52) 5 55
546 Email  segob@rtn.net.mx

Attorney General: Cabeza de Vaca. Tel (011 52) (53) 4 60 904 Email:

Please send copies to the Indigenous Council of Oaxaca at

La solidaridad con los de las es la protección de nosotros mismos
Praxedis G. Guerrero Desalojo como respuesta a las demandas del magisterio
Herman@s: El día de hoy miércoles 14 de junio de 2006, a las 5:00 a.m. ingresaron
de manera violenta al zócalo de esta ciudad de Oaxaca, fuerzas armadas de
aproximadamente 3000 efectivos entre

Ejercito, Policía Federal Preventiva; policías estatales, Ministerial,
Preventiva, Unidad de Policial de Operaciones Especiales UPOE, turística, y
municipal, al campamento del plantón permanente denuncia que pacíficamente mantienen desde hace 23 días los maestros integrantes de la sección XXII de la CNTE,la Promotora Estatal Por la Unidad Contra el Neoliberalismo, el Frente de Sindicatos y Organizaciones de Oaxaca(FSODO) así como organizaciones adherentes a la OTRA CAMPAÑA desde el 18 de mayo.

A las 5:05 a.m., armados con pistolas, armas largas, bombas aturdidoras, Gases
lacrimógenos, toletes avanzaron desde varios puntos, principalmente de la parte
sur en las calles de Bustamante, Guerrero, Armenta y

López aledañas al zócalo de la ciudad y comenzaron a arrojar gases lacrimógenos,
golpeando brutalmente a hombres y mujeres(varias de ellas embarazadas), niños y
ancianos por igual.

Se pueden contar por decenas las detenciones de maestros que se están
llevando en vehículos cerrados sin placas, están pues desaparecidos.

A las 5:15 Radio Plantón anuncian que las fuerzas armadas ingresaron ya
al hotel del magisterio y están por entrar al edificio sindical de la Sección XXII
ubicado en la calle de Armenta y López, se escuchan detonaciones de arma de fuego
así gases lacrimógenos, 5 minutos más tarde se interrumpe la señal de radio
plantón, y después se confirma que es desmantelado el equipo de transmisión por el

6:10 a.m. sigue la persecución a maestros y maestras por toda la ciudad
golpeando, robando sus pertenencias, además rompen cristales y arrojan gases
lacrimógenos a todos los carros que se encuentran a su paso y continúan las
detenciones. Hay cientos de lesionados, y la policía no permite el acceso a la cruz roja.

Como es sabido los maestros iniciaron una jornada de lucha pacifica para exigir al
gobierno del Estado sus legítimas demandas, así como de las comunidades.

Responsabilizamos al gobierno de la integridad física de todos los compañeros maestros.

Pedimos a las organizaciones sociales, a los medios de comunicación libre, a las
organizaciones de Derechos humanos, a la sociedad en general a difundir la
situación actual, a enviar cartas a las siguientes direcciones, para denunciar la


Por la reconstitución y libre asociación de los pueblos Consejo indígena Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón"

Red Oaxaqueña Zapatista

Gobernador del Estado de Oaxaca.:  gobernador@oaxaca.gob.mx

Jorge Franco Vargas: Secretario de Gobierno del Estado de Oaxaca: Tel.
(951) 5153175, 5157490:  sriagral@oaxaca.gob.mx,  sriagral2@oaxaca.gob.mx

Jaime Mario Pérez Jiménez, Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos de
Oaxaca, quejas@cedhoax.org
Tel. 044 951 104 43 06 o envíe un mensaje al: 512 90 20 clave 956, Fax:
(951) 5135185, 5135191, 5135197,  correo@cedhoax.org

Presidente: Vicente Fox Quesada email:
 vicente.fox.quesada@presidencia.gob.mx, radio@presidencia.gob.mx,  webadmon@op.presidencia.gob.mx

Telefonos (55) 50911100 y (55)151794
Secretario de gobernación: Carlos Abascal Carranza. Telefono (00 52) 5
55 546 Email

Procurador General de la República: Cabeza de Vaca. Teléfono (00 53) 4
60 904 Email:  ofproc@pgr.gob.mx

Favor de enviar copia al correo  ciporfm@yahoo.com.mx de las acciones que manden

visite nuestra pagina:  http://www.nodo50.org/cipo
Consejo Indígena Popular de Oaxaca
"RicardoFlores Magón",

Calle: Emilio Carranza 210, Sta. Lucía del Camino Oaxaca,
México. tel: +(951) 51-78183 y +(951) 51-78190 mail:  cipo@nodo50.org,
 mujercipo@hotmail.com,  los_magoneros@hotmail.com

Domicilio Hidalgo # 821. col.Centro, Oax. C.P.68000, Sucursal Oaxaca, No. 120,
Suit: Banamex: BNMXMXMM, Cuenta: 002610012077451770


La solidaridad con los de las es la protección de nosotros mismos
Praxedis G. Guerrero Desalojo como respuesta a las demandas del magisterio