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Gordon Smith Vows Support For War

Gordon Smith Continues To Parrot Bush
Just called Gordon Smith's Washington office and to no surprise , was told that Smith will be not vote to set a deadline for withdrawal. Gordon Smith was the perfect age to serve in Vietnam..many of his high school classmates did , but he opted for the education deferrment like so many other well to do kids. He never served in any branch of the military , and has no relatives serving currently. He evidently supports war as long as he or his loved ones arent in harms way. I think this is a perfect opportunity for Smith to make up for his lack of commitment and patriotism..he failed his country during Vietnam , but now he can make ammends by going to Iraq and serving. If he really isnt a coward , he should jump at this chance to actively support this war, that he so strongly supports with his votes. Geeez......... when do we get to start the Revolution??????
I remember hearing Gordon being interviewed on the radio 15.Jun.2006 22:27

Fred Bauer

I forget the occation, some big patriotic celebration, July 4 or September 11. You could hear these jets roar by in the background. Gordon went quiet for a couple of seconds as the jets faded away. Then he said:

"AHHH! The sounds of freedom!"