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Waste Veg Oil contacts?

Somebody nice needs a hookup for waste vegetable oil for their touring van. Help please.
So, the folks doing the SHAC benefit screening ( link to foodfightgrocery.com) thing on Saturday or coming in a van that runs on waste vegetable oil. Anybody have any contacts or know anyone else doing this kind of thing so they can get some free van juice? Please get in touch.

Food Fight

homepage: homepage: http://www.foodfightgrocery.com
phone: phone: 503-233-3910

local biodiesel cooperative 15.Jun.2006 22:55


The local biodiesel co-op GoBiodiesel brews biodiesel for members, but I hear they also get lots of WVO to dispense. If they have any excess after members have filled up, probably they would sell some of the remainder to anyone.