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Six Nations' people and supporters have occupied their land for approximately three months to prevent its invasion.This is an interview of Thahoketoteh of the Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation of Grand River, who is a member of the Mohawk Nation News.

by Tashunka Witko Brigade Wednesday, Jun. 14, 2006 at 4:23 PM

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Thahoketoteh shares his thoughts, and reviews the history and updates of the conflict over the Canadian Government encroachment into Six Nations territory.

Since this interview was carried out several significant things have happened. Prime Minister Harper allegedly said something to the effect that either the protesters will kill the indigenous people in Caledonia or the indigenous people will kill the protesters, the Caledonia mayor has been asking for the army to be brought in, two altercations occurred on June 9th, 2006, within Six Nations territory: one orchestrated to capture Native people on camera while reacting to racist attacks, and another when Native security caught a US Border Patrol vehicle - way out of its jurisdiction- that was taking pictures of everything and everybody, the vehicle was confiscated and investigated. Evidence of collaboration between OPP, US Border Patrol and US-ATF was recovered as well as the names of all OPP officers and U.S. agents who have been involved in the Six Nations conflict, their home phone numbers, and many details of their surveillance operations. Also seen was information from confidential informants dating back to the beginning of the standoff. The intelligence officer's log includes details of an OPP operation post being set up in the Hamilton area, a list of checks into the background of natives and Caledonia residents, information from the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) that "white supremacist skinheads" were being brought into Caledonia as paid provocateurs. Canadian authorities want to bring charges against the indigenous warriors that carried out their security duty during these incidents.
Also, as stated in a June 13th, 2006 statement by Chief Terrance Nelson of the Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation: "As Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister of Indian Affairs Jim Prentice pull out of the Six Nations/Caledonia land claim with ultimatums that the "barricades must come down," First Nations across Canada are issuing their own ultimatums. Last week, 100 Ontario Chiefs walked to the site of the land claim dispute and issued their own warning to Canada. Today Union of British Columbia Chiefs issued full support to Six Nations. In Manitoba, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, representing 64 First Nations, passed a resolution supporting a 24-hour railway blockade set for June 29th 2006, "to force the Canadian government to establish a reasonable time-frame for settlement of land claims." Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation will block two railway lines going into the United States. At least six other Manitoba First Nations have vowed to block railway lines at the same time."

For more information go to  http://intercontinentalcry.mahost.org
Or contact: Thahoketoteh at  thahoketoteh@mohawknationnews.com, Hazel Hill at  thebasketcase@on.aibn.com ; or Jacqueline House at  Jacqueline_house@hotmail.com

Entrevista Radial para la Brigada Tashunka Witko (Ingles-Español 32 min 35 sec)

En esta entrevista, Thahoketoteh, del Clan del Oso de la Nacion Mohawk habla sobe el conflicto que empezo hace aproximadamente tres meses. El gobierno provincial de Ontario vendio territorio Mohawk a una empresa de Estados Unidos. El pueblo Mohawk esta ocupando su tierra para prevenir su invasion.

Desde que se llevo a cabo esta entrevista varios hechos importantes han ocurrido. El Primer Ministro de canada supuestamente expreso que en este conflicto "o los que protestan en Caledonia mataran a los indigenas o los indigenas mataran a los residentes que protestan contra ellos". La intendente de Caledonia sigue pidiendo que se mande al ejercito para sacar a los indigenas. Hubo 2 altercados el 9 de junio, uno armado para filmar a indigenas cuando reaccionaban a ataques racistas y otro en el que las fuerzas de seguridad de las 6 naciones confiscaron un vehiculo de la patrulla fronteriza de Estados Unidos - bien lejos de su jurisdiccion - donde encontraron documentos que evidencian la colaboracion entre esta agencia, la agencia estadounidense de tabaco y armas de fuego y la policia provincial de ontario, los nombres, direcciones y numeros de telefono de los agentes canadienses y estadounidenses envueltos en el caso, informacion confidencial de informantes desde el principio del conflicto, detalles sobre una base de operaciones que estan estableciendo en el area de Hamilton, lista de personas de las seis naciones y de caledonia que estan siendo investigadas, informacion sobre blancos supremacistas skinheads habrian sido traidos y pagados para actuar como provocateurs. El gobierno de Canada quiere arrestar y enjuiciar a los guerreros que cumplieron su deber durante estos incidentes.
Por ultimo, ante la declaracion del Premier de Ontario que estaba perdiendo la paciencia con los Indios de las Seis Naciones, Terrance Nelson, Jefe de Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation, declara que el ultimatum del Premier Dalton McGuinty y del Ministro de Asuntos Indios Jim Prentice que saquen las barricadas al abandonar ellos las negociaciones, es respondido con ultimatums por parte de muchas de las primeras naciones de Canada. La semana pasada 100 jefes de diferentes tribus de Canada advirtieron al gobierno que si no resolvian este conflicto de buena manera iba a haber tomas de tierra indigena por todo Canada, hoy la Union de Jefes Tribales de British Columbia, en Manitoba la Asamblea de Jefes Tribales de Manitoba, que representa 64 tribus, paso una resolucion apoyando un bloqueo ferroviario planeado para el 29 de Junio "para forzar al gobierno Canadiense a resolver estos conflictos de tierra en un tiempo razonable ". La Nacion Roseau River Anishinabe va a bloquear dos rutas ferroviarias que conectan con Estados Unidos, por lo menos 6 otras tribus de Manitoba se comprometieron a bloquear otras rutas.

Para mas informacion visita  http://intercontinentalcry.mahost.org
O contacta: Thahoketoteh en  thahoketoteh@mohawknationnews.com, Hazel Hill en  thebasketcase@on.aibn.com ; o Jacqueline House  Jacqueline_house@hotmail.com


homepage: homepage: http://radio.indymedia.org/uploads/six_nations_13-06-06_for_posting.mp3

wow 14.Jun.2006 20:23

planetary citizen

I can't believe what you are going through!!! It's like all the stories of manifest destiny are happening all over the world on every level at once!! Keep the faith, keep your humanity, and take care of your spirits!! If you don't get all the commentary that you would have liked, it's because people are shocked by what is happening up there, and people are fighting their own battles on their own turfs. Just know that there is a whole lot of sympathy in the world, no matter if you hear from us or not. You are fighting for us, and we are fighting for you!!!

No Justice On Stolen Land 15.Jun.2006 18:55

pissed off indian

Anti-Canada Day Rally

Saturday, July 1, 2006

12 Noon at Oppenheimer Park
(Powell & Dunlevy, 1 block North of E. Hastings St. in DTES Vancouver)

Drumming & Singing


Community Feast

Take The Streets

When the Canadians celebrate their national holiday of colonial manifest
destiny, they should think about these things.

There are over 500 Dead and/or Missing Aboriginal Women Across Canada,
including dozens in Vancouver, Prince Rupert to Prince George, Edmonton
and Regina.

Routine Racism and Violence Against Indigenous Peoples by the Colonial
Authorities, including the murders of Connie & Ty Jacobs, J. J. Harper,
Dudley George, Matthew Dumas, Darryl Night, Gerald Chenery, Frank Paul,
Neil Stonechild, Dennis St. Paul, Anthony Dawson, and many others, by the
Queens Cowboys and other colonial police....not to mention the European
population in general.

Indigenous Peoples In Canada Have The Highest Rates Of Cancer, AIDS/HIV,
Tuberculosis, and other diseases and conditions, from the "civilized"

Indigenous Lands Remain Under Attack By The Colonial Horde, including
ecological destruction through forestry, mining, pollution, toxic
contamination, ski resorts, oil and gas drilling and processing, rapid
expansion of Wasicu cities & towns, European agriculture, and so on.
Not only does this destroy traditional Indigenous cultures -- it also
causes severe dysfunctions in Native communities directly impacted by the
destruction of Ina Makah by the colonials. It also endangers the survival
of our way of life and that of future generations.

The Colonial Hordes Are Guilty Of Murder and Ongoing Genocide of Indigenous
Peoples! This includes military and police violence, public violence,
biological warfare, christian enslavement, residential schools, and the
church-state imposed INDIAN ACT band council & reserve system.

The Colonial Hordes Are Guilty Of The Theft and Ongoing Theft Of
Indigenous Lands! Through fraud, lies, deceptions, coercions, Canada forced
most most Indigenous nations to sign treaties surrending large tracts of
land. Only in what the Wasicu call "British Columbia" are all lands that
remain unceded and the Wasicu continue to illegally occupy the region.

NO OLYMPICS ON STOLEN LAND (and get the fuck out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and
other country you infest......and that means Iran too!)

*Indigenous Resistance Organizing Committee*

why doesn't 16.Jun.2006 01:14


the government of the few in Canada try to invade the U.S. instead? Why, since there is more land in the U.S., and it's already "developed," and it was already "won" over from the native peoples years ago--it's perfect!!
Oh, yeah, the U.S. government of the few would freak out and brand Canada as a terrorist, and blow them up.
So, yeah, Canada must not really want land, if they are not trying to grab the U.S.'s "developed" land.
They are just racist and shameless wimps, who want to attack peaceful people instead. It has nothing to do with land.