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AWOL Eugene Soldier Arrested

Eugene Army soldier Suzanne Swift, who refused a second deployment to Iraq late last year, has been arrested. Her mother, Sarah Rich, has been an outspoken war opponent. She was on KOPT radio this morning reiterating the reasons her daughter declined to return to her unit when ordered: post-traumatic stress disorder, opposition to the war, and the constant threat of sexual harassment and abuse by her superior officers.

A vigil is planned for outside the Lane County Jail, where Suzanne is being held pending a possible transfer either into federal custody or back to her unit. Anyone wishing to support Suzanne and her family should hustle down to the jail and see if people are gathering. I don't know what time the vigil is set to begin. Might as well start with you.

When Sarah Rich spoke at a peace rally in Eugene in March, she had this to say (via The Register-Guard):
(Rich said) her daughter decided to desert just three days before she was due to return, after being denied the normal 18 months of decompression time between deployments and being ordered back after less than a year. ...
Rich excoriated Congress for approving the war in the first place and for allowing it to continue by approving President Bush's budget requests, and she called on the crowd not to stand by quietly while people continue to die.

"Politicians who want to honor the fallen need to show some leadership and bring our troops home now," she said. "We need to show that dissent is patriotic. Now is not the time for passivity. Now is the time to make some noise."

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Eugene Police part of the Fucking Army now ? 14.Jun.2006 08:23


So the Eugene Police "arrested her at the request of the Army" ? Since when do the Eugene Police answer to the Army? Fuck Eugene...we will never spend a goddam dime in that town again. If I lived in Eugene , Id be madder than hell that a civil police force..paid for with municipal funds is being used to carry out the wishes of the DOD......

Northing new 14.Jun.2006 18:23


The local fuzz have always acted as the long arm of the feds
arresting AWOL soldiers. They run the name on the computer,
comes up wanted, they do their thing.

This is nothing new.

Marlleen is Brutally Honest, and Correct 14.Jun.2006 22:10


All those (police, firefolks, first responders) who wear the badge of the State are agents of the State. Those who ignore this fool only themselves. Of course, we have sympathizers among those who wear a badge, yet make no mistake that when push becomes a shove we shall all enter a crucible of decision. Is is no surprise that EPD served a federal warrant. The same would happen in Brothers, Tulelake, or New Haven.
I propose that a central question for me is this; has push come to shove? Thanks for reading...
Be well, sleep safe, SPC. Swift. Many know your true struggle, and that you maintain an integrity you came by with honor.
For everybody else; have you written Lt, Colonel Switzer yet?

Some Ft. Lewis phone numbers to know...
Exec. Ofc. Sexual Harassment
BOSS (?)

Other addys to know...And Write Too!!!

Senator Gordon Smith- Eugene, OR Office
Federal Building
211 East 7th Avenue, Room 202
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541.465.6750
Fax: 541.465.6808

Senator Ron Wyden-Eugene, OR
151 West 7th Ave
Suite 435
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 431-0229

Congressman Peter DeFazio-Eugene Office
151 West 7th, Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 465-6732

Senator Patty Murray in Washington- Tacoma Office
950 Pacific Avenue, Ste. 650
Tacoma, Washington 98402
Phone: (253) 572-3636
Fax: (253) 572-9892

Lt. Col. Switzer's Address 16.Jun.2006 15:09


I just wrote to him with copies to the congress members and senators. His address is Lt. Col. James F.
Switzer / 504 MB Batallion Commander / Ft. Lewis, WA. 98433.

whos in charge of the people in charg? 17.Jun.2006 22:32

momofsoldier /2 connie_ball2002

nearly 3yrs,ago I took my daughter from ft.bliss,my daughter was in her last year of a 5yr commit.when tradgey struck,an instaed of being allowed the time PROMISED HER,her father,and I-to recieve all help needed,to deal with these matters,an go home for a leave,her commanders had amnesia,I had a tape recorded when I flew to ft.bliss,and gave them a surprise meeting,to remind them of their promises,an I went to retrieve her household things,as this was to be her lasr deployment,they call it p.c.s.ing-pemanet chage of staion,she was going to korea,for her final yr,my daughter-was a decorated mp-E-4-IN A 5YR CMMTTM;ON HER LAST OF IT...SHE WAS DENIED HEALTH CARE-MENTAL CARE,after her husb attempted suicide just prior to her p,c,s,ing,I drove her to a safe place,contacted congress,they sent me mail saying " we are going to have a hearing on the matter " ha.its been nearly 3yrs,!!Iam in ohio,yesterday I mailed senetor voinovich,has he replied? no,my question has always been,>who is in charge of the people in charge?< no one in washington knows,my daughter did her deployment in qatar-she was army-however she assisted the u.s.a.f. in operation endureing freedom,an moveing head quarters frm ft.mcdil to to qatar saudi,upon her return she was billed for her dedployment-I can prove all I say,iI have all records! remember the underground railroad? its time for knew one!!!

underground railroad 17.Jun.2006 22:38

momofsoldier.2 connie_ball2002@yahoo.com