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AUDIO FILES: Honoring Our Indigenous Activists

Since Louise Benally and Carrie Dann will be here for a speaking engagement Sunday evening, June 11, 2006, here are some audio files of earlier presentations. They will be at St. Andrew Church at 806 NE Alberta Avenue at 7:00 pm for the first appearance in a speaking tour through Oregon and Northern California.

The first file is Louise Benally, speaking here in Portland in late November of 2001at an informal gathering in the basement of It's A Beauttiful Pizza. Her file is about 18 minutes in length.
Louise Benally, RealPlayer
Louise Benally, MP3

For more information about the forced Relocation of the Dineh people from their ancestral homeland,
Black Mesa Indigenous Support

This second file is of Carrie Dann and Julie Fishel speaking in Portland in May of 2006. Each speaks for about 13 minutes. Carrie begins her remarks in response to a video played during the first part of the evening. The U.S. government has been moving to steal the ancestral homeland of the Western Shoshone, using fabricated interpretations of the Treaty of Ruby Valley, signed in the late 1800's.
Following these remarks, Julie Fishel discusses the Western Shoshone appeal to the United Nations. They received the support of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination, who issued a decision of March 6, 2006, urging the U.S. to freeze, desist desist and stop actions being taken or threatened to be taken against Western Shoshone Peoples of the Western Shoshone Nation. In its decision, CERD stressed the "nature and urgency" of the Shoshone situation informing the U.S. that it goes "well beyond" the normal reporting process and warrants immediate attention under the Committee's Early Warning and Urgent Action Procedure.
Carrie Dann and Julie Ann Fishel, each about 13 minutes in length.
Carrie Dann & Julie, RealPlayer
Carrie Dann & Julie, MP3
Western Shoshone Defense Project

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wish I had seen this earlier 12.Jun.2006 03:48


I would have gone if I had seen this earlier. Did you get audio from the event?