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Pedalpalooza: Pedal-Powered and Stupendous

Pedalpalooza "2+ Weeks of Pure Bike Fun" beginning Thursday, June 8th
Huge, stupendous festival of Bike Fun... so much fun it's actually ludicrous. At 17 days long, with 139 events currently scheduled and more being added, Pedalpalooza is so large, diverse, and intense, it would be impossible to take in half of it. Much more than a collection of workshops, competitions, and themed rides, Pedalpalooza 2006 starts with a parade and film fest for cyclists and brings us the World Naked Ride and Kickoff Dance Party, and not one but several bike-in movies. There are several "mystery" rides, there's plenty of Clownarchy, and a scavenger hunt. There are events oriented to kids, to food, to transportation geeks, to foreign cultures, to historical people / places / things, to trees, and to alcoholic beverages (responsibly!). All that, and learning events for both beginning and experienced cyclists.

Grab your bike, get hold of a calendar (in the June 1st Portland Mercury or online), and get ready for more pedal-powered action in 17 days than you'll find the whole rest of the year.

Some history: after the stunningly successful BikeSummer 2002 festival in Portland, an international festival which visits a different city each year, some cyclists got together to talk about how to make events happen all year, every year. The result of this was the formation of a community of Bike Funnists, and every year since there has been a festival, though events happen every week, all year long. Check it out, there's something just about every day of the year:

Presented by Shift and sponsored by City of Portland Office of Transportation, The Portland Mercury, and New Belgium Brewing, Pedalpalooza is Portland / Vancouver's "2+ Weeks of Pure Bike Fun" every summer.

homepage: homepage: http://shift2bikes.org/pedalpalooza/pp2006.php