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Protest Bush in Cascadia

Bush is coming to town and a call for action is being. The puppet of the war machine in person; in Cascadia. Details in article...
one fingered freedom salute
one fingered freedom salute
Please send out a call for action to your email lists about Bush's visit to Medina on the morning of June 16th, 2006.

This visit needs to be protested because the "Control of House may hinge here"...(Niel Modie-Sea PI-June 1,2006)

Protest / Demonstration Bush to attend fund-raiser for Reichert June 16th in Medina

June 16 (Friday), Mid-morning (please get there early)
Bellevue Square - Maydenbaur Park march to the Medina mansion of Microsoft executive Peter Neupert
Sponsored by:
Me and my friends

*Private reception will be at Microsoft exec's mansion in Medina. President Bush will attend a private reception June 16 in Medina to raise money for the re-election campaign of republican Rep. David Reichert.

full description & details:

*Proceeds from the $1,000-a-head reception will go to Reichert, who is facing an aggressive challenge form Democrat Darcy Burnrer, a political newcomer and former Microsoft manager. But money from a $10,000-a-person
photo opportunity with the president during the same event will go to the state Republican Party for campaign activities.
Bush isn't coming here because of his public popularity. As a local republican observed, "nobody can raise money like the president. (Seattle P.I., Section B, page 1; by Neil Modie-P.I. reporter)

I need 2500 people to show up in Maydenbaur Park in Bellevue for a "Walking Dead" protest and die in. Please be there or close by at 8:30am,
Friday June 16th. We will walk until we are stopped and stage a protest for the 2500 dead soldiers from the Iraq war.

Contact Person:
Kenn Dzaman
Contact Email:

homepage: homepage: http://www.olympiaimc.org

where? 07.Jun.2006 15:26


Where is this happening, please be more specific.

Save the gas 07.Jun.2006 16:19


Better to save the fossil fuel than to drive 400 miles to protest. Unfortunately, protesting never creates anything.

Amtrack anyone? 07.Jun.2006 18:15

paul revere

What about group tickets on Amtrack?