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AUDIO FILE: Blood For No Oil

Investigative reporter Greg Palast spoke in Portland on Monday evening, June 5, 2006, to packed house at the First Unitarian Church. The event was sponsored by KBOO radio, 90.7 fm and the Portland Alliance newspaper.
His appearance was part of an international tour called, "Armed Madhouse: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Class War."

Palast was his usual flippant, humorous and sarcastic self. Yet, under this veneer he unleashes serious facts and devastating statistics which, at least to my mind, leave no doubt as to the deliberate fraud perpetrated on the American voter during the 2000 and 2004 general election.
For instance, 2004 exit polls showed John Kerry ahead 51% to George Bush 49 among men and 53% to 47% among women. "Okay class, what is the third sex that put George Bush over the top...... the disappeared, the uncounted."

"In American, 2004, November second, in Ohio, George Bush was announced the winner by 118, 000 votes. Not counting 239,127 votes, almost twice as many votes as the so called victory margin, were never counted. And you know, here is the nastier secret: it ain't just Ohio; and in 2000 it wasn't just Florida. That's what they want you to think. Not counting the votes is as American as apple pie and there were 3,680,000 votes cast and never counted in the United States of America, not Ukraine, not Uganda. I got this from deep in the files of the Election Information Administration of the U.S. government for which we stand."

Palast then goes on to describe the two categories of votes that aren't counted, which are spoiled votes and rejected votes. 1,389, 231 spoiled votes were not counted. "Hanging chads, they hung around from 222, they multiplied.....punch cards that don't punch, touch screens that didn't think you touched them right, they weren't in the mood."

These "glitches" were to a much higher percentage non white voters. "In the United States of American, the chance your vote will be lost or rejected for a technical reason, is 900% greater if you are an African American voter than if you are white; 500% higher if you are a Hispanic voter than if you're white; and if you're Native American, about 2,000% higher than if you're white."
"In that stinking, rotting pile of spoiling votes, 88% are cast by voters of color. Almost 9 out of 10, whose votes don't count, whose votes spoil has a very dark hue."

Perhaps the reader is already aware of this or some of this information. But, this was only the beginning of his report on the pervasive 2000 and 20004 election fraud . Greg continues for almost a full hour, demonstrating and detailing criminal activity of our government, on local, state and Federal levels, designed to bias the vote in favor of Republican candidates. And, as usual he brandishes documents proving his statements.

He speaks most eloquently of the war on Iraq, or more accurately, the war for the oil of Iraq. And here he brings out information that is not the usual perspective on U.S. designs on Iraq and the Middle East. Put in historical perspective, much of what the U.S. and other global corporations are doing in the Middle East is more to hold the oil reserves back, to keep the profits up as high as possible.

My intention is to wet your whistle on this excellent presentation, not blow the whistle on the many expos?s and fresh perspectives offered by Palast to this eager audience of about 600 people. So, you'll have to listen to his words for yourself. This audio file is well worth the listen. Likewise with the reason I chose "Blood for No Oil," as the title for this report, taken directly from Palast, towards the end of his hour long presentation."

Greg finishes off with striking words of advice, and actually a way we can hamstring and short circuit what will surely be a well planned out attempt to steal another election in 2008.

Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse, RealPlayer
Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse, MP3

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Thanks Jim 07.Jun.2006 20:00


I knew that we could count on you to record this event.

Palast's delivery did not seem as clean as in past presentations, but his content was as infuriating as ever.

At the end of the recording however, Palast is cut off before a quote.

"He says......" what?

Appreciate the Audio 07.Jun.2006 21:48

Joe A.

good quality

To Heated 08.Jun.2006 22:31

Jim eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

Actually, I thought his delivery was the equal of his past presentations, but this is at best a subjective call. And at the end, he became quite emotional and it seemed to me like he exited the podium to get s grip on himself.
I don't know what you mean by being cut off at the end. I've checked both the RealPlayer and MP3 and he finishes the quote from G.W. Bush........"Do not fight for a dying regime, it is not worth your life."

Brilliant. Thanks for posting that 09.Jun.2006 05:50

Scott VanDusen in Tokyo ikkyu_sanju@infosys.com

Well done thanks for the post. Palast is fighting the good fight for sure. I liked the part about how he got the files for "The Plan". Har! Those masters of the Universe are not what they appear to be.