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Solidarity Statement from IRSN for Weekend of Resistance

International Republican Socialist Network Statement in Solidarity with the "Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare" events

by Peter Urban, for the IRSN
International Republican Socialist Network Statement in Solidarity with the "Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare" events in Portland and Eugene, Oregon

by Peter Urban, for the IRSN


A year ago I travelled to Oregon to speak out in support of Jeffrey "Free" Luers. At that time, I reflected on my almost quarter century as an activist with the Irish Republican Socialist Movement and drawing upon that experience spoke of the importance of recognizing that Luers was a prisoner of war, because he, like comrades of the Irish National Liberation Army I'd known, was compelled to take illegal action in order to resist a system which called forth opposition and understood only the language of force.

Since that time, a host of other environmental activists have been incarcerated. One is now dead, allegedly having committed suicide following his arrest. Lives have be disrupted, some have been ruined. We believe all of those arrested in recent months to be innocent of the actions with which they are charged. We will not claim prisoner of war status for any of these persecuted activists ... unless, of course, they are later convicted; in which case, we'd be proud to do so.

The US government would have us believe that the more than a dozen environmental activists they've now indicted are "terrorists." "Terrorist," of course, being what the US government calls anyone it seeks to crush. "Terrorists" is what they call the heroic opposition to the US and British invasion and occupation of Iraq, with the resulting destruction of that country and the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. "Terrorist" is what they call the Venezuelan government, which survived a CIA-backed coup attempt and is now using the nation's petroleum wealth to not only provide literacy programs, medical clinics, and a host of other projects aimed at improving the lives of the destitute masses of that country, but are using their wealth to assist other struggling nations in the developing world, and have even used it to supply cheap heating oil to the working poor in the north-east part of the US. "Terrorist" is what they call the children of the Palestinian intifada, who combat heavily armed soldiers and tanks with nothing more than stones, rather than be forced out of their homeland by an invasion which provided a European surrogate in the heart of the Middle East.

The environmental activists indicted, even the activists who actually carried out the actions for which these people have been charged, are not terrorists. The term is absurd when spoken from the lips of a government so despotic, so stained in innocent blood, so contemptuous of human rights and human liberty, so callous to the plight of animals, forests, the seas, the land, the skies, as the one we have at present. It is the US government and their allies in Iraq, the British government; it is the US government and their allies in Haiti, the French state, who are the terrorists in the world today.

We in the International Republican Socialist Network do not believe that laws enacted by the states which were erected to administer society in the interests of the capitalist class should be seen as applicable to the working class. We do not believe that the government of this, or any other nation, is a government of the whole people. We believe that every state represents the interests of its ruling class. But, we are not members of the ruling class and we have no interest in their concerns. We do not believe that they have a right to maintain a monopoly on the use of force in pursuit of political ends. This is because, when the armed wing of the capitalist class is employed to destroy any opposition to the interests of capitalism, it is foolishness for those whose interests are opposed to deny themselves access to the means to defend their own interests.

The US government, on behalf of the capitalist class, has unleashed upon this earth an assault from which, if left unchecked, it cannot recover. The US government and the corporations it exists to serve have shown themselves prepared to bring about the extinction of hundreds, if not thousands of species; they are prepared to destroy the Ozone, resulting in a massive increase in skin cancers and damage to the genetic material of our, and other, species; they are prepared to destroy the central nervous system of the ocean's great mammals with their Navy's latest sonar toys; they are prepared to destroy the tropical rain-forests and remaining temperate forests that provide crucial habitat for a huge variety of life and enable the creation of the oxygen we need to survive; they are prepared to turn our oceans in the stinking sewers; they are prepared to transform the world's climate, to the point that the Gulf Stream stalls and Europe is locked into protracted winter, to the point that the south-east US and other nations of the region are battered by major hurricanes over and over again, to the point that desserts expand and ice-fields are destroyed.

Such policies must be opposed. Such policies must be opposed in whatever way is necessary to defeat them.

Sisters, brothers, comrades: do not let this government succeed in throwing environmental activists into prisons. Do not let them instill fear in other activists to the extent that they are no longer effective in their opposition to these insane policies. Do not allow the US government to terrorize anyone who might stand up for humanity, for the environment, for the working class.

If you do, there will be no one to oppose them and the world will surely be lost to their senseless and unrelenting pursuit of profit over all other considerations.

End the "green scare" and free these activists. The comrades of the International Republican Socialist Network, here in the US and abroad, extend our solidarity to you in this struggle. Your victory, is our own!

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org/june2006.htm
address: address: Free's Defense Fund; PO Box 3; Eugene, OR 97440