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People Mostly Want to Escape

The number of people wishing to hide or flee from this Theofascist Terrorist State continues to grow while the ability to do so shrinks.
People Mostly Want to Escape

There are a fairly large number of web sites that I operate with about one half million total web pages tallied all together. The first web site that I'd started over 15 years ago is The Skeptic Tank, and one of the most popular web pages is "Vanishing Point: How to Disappear in America Without a Trace."


What's interesting is the statistics of web site find this web page to be the most popular -- not only of The Skeptic Tank but of all half million web pages hosted across some 30 web sites. Consistently the web page ranks first (photographs provided. Text table shown below.)

September 2005 - - 41889
October 2005 - - - 12034
November 2005 - - 36869
December 2005 - - 9451
January 2006 - - - 13981
February 2006 - - 11307
March 2006 - - - - 12127
April 2006 - - - - 10156
May 2006 - - - - - 10339
June 2006 - - - - 1904

With the rise of this Theofascist terrorist State in America, people have been looking for hints and suggestions on ways to drop out of the grid and become invisible to the fascist Bush regime and its growing tyranny and treason against Americans.

One of the issues is that with this fascist regime's growing treason, it's becoming ever more difficult to electronically escape from its privacy violations. The fears and concerns laid out in decades of theory and discussion about the rice of such fascism have been realized with the hijacked 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections and more and more Americans are wanting to flee.

Another major issue is the financial inability to hide, disappear, or otherwise find a safe place in America far from the reach of the fascist State. Like a repeat of Germany during the rise of Adolf Hitler, those citizens who recognized what was happening and had the financial ability to flee the country escaped the major predations of Nazi Germany. Those who recognized what was happening but had no money were forced to search for ways to survive the growing fascism. Those who didn't recognize Hitler's growing threat were mired long before they woke up to the truth.

homepage: homepage: http://www.skeptictank.org/hs/vanish.htm

nieuw vorld order; amerikkka uber alles!!! 06.Jun.2006 21:31


no escape. biometric ids. cell phone positioning. total elektronik surveillance, mass media propaganda, brainwashing under freedom.... the fourth reich must be toppled. only good nazi is a dead one.

Not to mention,,,,, 06.Jun.2006 22:00

no Bush to hide behind

even if one escape the united states of israel no country in the world is welcoming, in fact you will be deported back here against you will.

There is NO refugee status for amerikkkans in any country.

waking up was needed under Ronny Reagan (George Bush) ,,, it is too late.

Not even Canada 07.Jun.2006 00:30

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

Canada is demanding that the United States is not a fascist government and that the rule of law "works" here, ergo Canada is not allowing American citizens to request political asylum if they flee North.

Yeah, it works... For the fascists. Just ask Halliburton and Saudi Arabia -- not to mention Exxon/Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and the rest of the corpirate terrorists and Christian mass murderers.