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Avian Retrovirus Rangers to Patrol Borders for Bird Flu

Federal Govt. to Deploy Specialized Troops in Event of Bird Flu
Newly Deputize Ranger Kirk Allyn Says He Soars With Pride
Newly Deputize Ranger Kirk Allyn Says He Soars With Pride
Department of Homeland Security and the Center for Disease Control have jointly created a specialized security force tasked to repel the H5N1 virus, commonly referred to as Bird Flu. The Avian Retrovirus Rangers, already nicknamed 'the Bird Brigade' by President Bush, will be deployed in heavy numbers on both borders in the event that the virus actually mutates into a form that can transmit from human to human. Each Ranger will have 'civil authority to detain any individual deemed reasonably suspicious of carrying H5N1 virus' as well as having 'limited authority' to suspend habeas corpus and to postpone elections in any territory within a fifteen hundred miles of a border.
your satire is going to give them ideas, stop it 06.Jun.2006 12:05


satire? I can't find anything on this anywhere through Google News. Your satire sounds so perfectly plausible under the fascist Bush regime.