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0606 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
1. A judge has ruled that Emilie Boyles has to return the money taxpayers gave her plus a $14 thousand dollar penalty, plus 12% interest. It's the least the law could do to a fraud who - right off the mark - besmirched public campaign financing.
2. Oregon's new Working Families Party is getting organized starting tomorrow at Western Oregon University.
3. Boise Cascade faces a $142,500 fine for the death of a worker last year at their wood products plant in Umatilla. The poor guy was working on a chipper machine - a favorite "disposal" devise among organized crime types and imaginative amateurs nationwide.
4. The copperoonies snagged 200 pounds of pot in a traffic stop on I-5
5. Right-winger tax activist Tim Eyman arrived at the Washington elections offices dressed as Darth Vader but not with the required number of signatures to get his bone-head initiative to overturn the state's new gay civil rights law.
6. Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is seriously sparked: State pharmacy regulators could risk being over-ruled or worse if they allow druggists' personal objections to interfere with patients' prescriptions. Last week the State Pharmacy Board endorsed a rule allowing myth to triumph over medicine.
7. Snakes on planes, for real: a private pilot found a 4 foot snake peeking out at him from the instrument panel of his Piper Cherokee as he was taking a leisurely flight over the countryside. He grabbed the snake, the snake grabbed him, he landed the plane. Snake and pilot are resting comfortably after their ordeal.
8. The Pentagon in all its dubious wisdom has decided to omit from the new detainee policies, a key tenet of the Geneva Conventions that explicitly bans "humiliating and degrading treatment."
9. The number 2 General in Iraq says he is going to review a preliminary criminal report into the alleged massacre of civilians by Marines in Haditha. Get in line, civilians; the US military may be looking at a long line of investigations, inquiries and - if there is any justice - prosecutions.
10. Inflation fears sent stocks plunging yesterday as jitters over high oil process exacerbated signs that the Fed Res will keep lifting interest rates. The Dow went South nearly 200 points.
11. The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether public schools can consider skin color when it comes to assigning students to schools. The fate of Affirmative Action now lies in the hands of Bush pet Supreme Court.
12. The Supreme Pets have refused to consider the cases of journalists who protected confidential for stories about former nuke scientist Wen Ho Lee. The settlement erased civil contempt of court citations against reporter for refusing to disclose who leaked info about the spying investigation of Lee.
13. Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead: A divided Colorado Supreme Court upheld Denver's ban on assault weapons.
14. The House and Senate met to hasten legislation in order to pay for America's enormous Adventures overseas. (They can meet all they like, but if the money isn't there, well, then... .I guess they'll have to print more... .
15. New evidence suggests cover-ups in at least two incidents at the center of the scandal over Iraqi civilians deliberately killed by Americans. The brother of one of the victims told the BBC that he witnesses US marines murdering his brother.
16. If you have been trying to contact The Great Satan, you may have been using the wrong number. The Beast can be reached in the 616 area code, not 666, as has been erroneously believed for the last couple of millennia.
17. America is squeezing tight its Northern border (it's a common fear reflex), to keep out Canadian terrorists.
18. The EU Foreign Policy Head Javier Solana is in Tehran today, explaining to the Iranians that the Bush Administration is batshit crazy, unable to put together cogent sentences, and has the full support of legions of winged monkeys. So trying to sit down and negotiate (in other countries it is known as 'diplomacy') with Bush is like trying to talk to a drug-addled 8th-grader with 'mother issues'.
19. Islamist warlords have taken Moghadishu and most of the city's residents are relieved - at least someone is finally in charge.
20. The election in Peru won't put a scratch on Hugo Chavez's influence in that nation. Populist Ollanta Humala has the support of the poor and the indigenous people - pretty much all of Peru - and he isn't going away. (There are signs that this run-off election was not as squeaky clean as we have been led to believe.)
21. Suggested slogan for the Jogjakarta Chamber of Commerce: 'Come for the earthquake, stay for the volcano!' This is not funny. The situation on the Indonesian island of Java is becoming more dire by the day.
22. The morgue in Baghdad is overwhelmed. May was the bloodiest month since... since... 2003, when we first invaded.
23. Gunmen in Iraq's capital killed 56 people - probably more - yesterday.
24. Albatross number are taking a steep dive.
25. More evidence is in indicating that Climate Change is responsible for the severe storm activity everywhere in the world. (We've already seen that Climate Change was responsible for FEMA, the worst disaster to hit the US since 1492).

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