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where is the evidence for a 6/6/6 draft?

okay. so several posts have been on portland indymedia about H.R.4752 saying that it is being discussed on H.R.4752. I have found no evidence that it is being voted on today. people are REFUSING to provide proof. i would like to hear what proof they have
from what I have heard 06.Jun.2006 17:13


They are going to discuss it today. They said there is a possibility that it could be voted on, but unlikely. I will look around for some proof. That is just what I have heard and read on various websites, but nothing that is formal.

If they did discuss it today its probaly a closed hearing, just like the gay marriage and flag burning was, so there is no information out there on any kind of conclusions or what was discussed.

not evidence 07.Jun.2006 07:17


the link you give doesn't refence the 6th of June. give me evidence that they spoke about it on the 6th of June.