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Queer Bashing

Queer bashing in Portland.
Four queer men were bashed close to death on Stark Street last night. Two of the men were beaten at gun point and are in critical condition. There have been a rash of queer bashings around Portland that have not been reported on by the local news stations.
Don't rely on the news! Talk about it. Don't let a day pass by that you don't tell one of your homo buddies that bashings happen in Portland. If you are bashed, your community needs to know. The Portland Police and News outlets have other priorities and can not be trusted.
Give a little effort to keep your community safe. Walk your friends home. Use your voice. Carry a brick, spray or gun.

More Info Please 06.Jun.2006 08:43


I would like more details, especially the date, time and location. Most importantly, does it look like the victims will be OK?

fuck 06.Jun.2006 09:12

Working Class Mama

Is there any more details? Any idea who's behind the bashings?
There's been so much popular acceptance of homophobia and look at where it's leading. Straight back to these conditions. Sounds like we need a queer patrol(kind of like the self defense portion of the Panthers).

more info please 06.Jun.2006 09:33


Can someone please do some research and get at least a little more info on what happened? Because this needs to be featured!

it'll get worse 06.Jun.2006 11:27

theresa mitchell

Every time the queer-bashers get a boost of legitimacy from the neocons and the christian hate movement, i.e. from a ballot measure or from, most recently, the Resident supporting the national queer-bashing amendment, these incidents increase.

All 'out' queers notice this. The demagogues know it, and count on it to raise hatred and hysteria. Here I'm talking about thugs like the Pope, the President and Lon "ironic last name" Mabon.

There are a hndred things to do surely; but one thing is to just point out to people that this latest trick by Karl Rove is just another attempt to cover the fact that the war has failed disastrously, was based on lies to begin with, is utterly immoral, etc., and that the Bushites have failed in every other category except enriching the super-rich.

"It's a trick. Don't be a sucker." That's what I'm going to tell people.

Meanwhile, I agree that the bashers must be found out--they'll boast, and they'll get approval, and then they'll do it again.

INFO VIA FOX NEWS 12 06.Jun.2006 11:55

Feel My Fist

PORTLAND, Ore.) -- Police are looking for two men behind a suspected hate crime in downtown Portland.

Detectives said a group of gay men were attacked while walking near SW Stark and 10th around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Two of the victims were hospitalized, one with a fractured vertebrae and the other suffered cheekbone fractures.

Police say they have few details about the suspects in this case.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Portland Police Bureau.

From the Boregonian: 06.Jun.2006 12:15

Bash Back

Got this off of Oregon Live -- I would so love to take the frustrations of my life on the heads of these homophobic idiots. Anti-queer bigot bashing as therapy!

Anti-gay slurs shouted during attack on three men
Three men were assaulted early Saturday at Southwest Stark Street and 10th Avenue in what police suspect was a hate crime.

At least one of the victims was walking along Stark toward 10th when at least two men in their 20s ran toward him and attacked him, shouting anti-gay slurs. Others intervened and were assaulted.

When police arrived about 2:15 a.m., 25 to 30 people were standing near the northeast corner of the intersection. One man was lying in the street with a bloody nose, said Officer Cathe Kent, a Portland police spokeswoman.

Police said the man in the street, a 39-year-old Gresham man, was conscious but confused. Witnesses said he was punched in the face several times and kicked in the head or upper torso.

An ambulance was called to the intersection, and at least three victims received medical attention at the scene, police said.

The other two victims were a 24-year-old man from Southeast Portland and a 21-year-old man whose hometown was unknown, police said.

The case is being forwarded to Bias Crime Detective Molly Daul for further investigation. No arrests have been made.

Police said many of those gathered at the scene of the fight had spilled out of area bars. The suspects were described as two men in their 20s, about 5-foot 10 and 5-foot 11, and weighing 175 to 185 pounds.

-Maxine Bernstein

What happened to Jeff Gannon? (or whoever he really is) 06.Jun.2006 12:34

You would think that would have been big news

Bush has this call boy over a couple of hundred times to the whitehouse and that's not a scandal?

Solution is CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUNS 06.Jun.2006 12:48


Under Oregon law, anyone who fulfills the training requirements for a concealed carry handgun permit, and who has no crimes of violence on their criminal record, MUST be issued a CCW permit for handguns. There is no room for discretion on the part of homophobic sheriffs or others, the law is quite clear.

Can you imagine how much better this world would be if the suspects in this case ended up staring down the barrels of three handguns, rather than free to bash another day?

Gays and other vulnerable groups need to get over their queasiness of "guns," and start packing for their own protection. Organizations like the Pink Pistols have local chapters that can get you started in this direction.

rose festival 06.Jun.2006 12:51


I think there are statistics that rape in Portland sky rockets during the Rose festival. That seems to go hand and hand with gay bashings. Both are sex crimes, they seem related.

Where there are sailors... 06.Jun.2006 13:45

anarcha babe

With the soldiers comes the drugs, violence, rape, homophobia, sex trafficing, etc. The dealers and sex workers compete for soldiers money, sometimes violently(they literally come in from all the surrounding states). The soldiers rape and plunder and beat our citizens. Every year for rose festival we have to put up with this bullshit.
But it is not just Rose Festival. Although, I would never go downtown during this time. This threat is here all year round. Especially now with politicians giving the homophobia stamp of approval with sick legislation like what we're seeing now and corporate media all the while building consent.

some pics 06.Jun.2006 14:29

for a feature


more pics 06.Jun.2006 14:38

for feature


I SAW IT!! 06.Jun.2006 16:46

Lacy Hawkins lacymh@gmail.com

last night i saw someone i assumed was gay being beaten by 2 skinheads. i saw it from my apartment and called 911.
the woman wouldnt let me tell her what happened, she just kept interrupting me asking for my address. i tried to tell her that the fight was not in my damn apartment, but she wouldnt stop. she wouldnt tell my why she wanted the info. i have no problem giving her my info, but not before telling her the problem, and understanding why she needed all my info.

i finally just spat out the address the fight was at and hung up. but i didnt get a chance to tell her what the men looked like.

it was horrible! ive called about fights many times before. drunken brawls are common in that area on the weekends. nobody has asked for my info before...why now?!

i think im going to call again and make a formal complaint!


Happened Saturday at 2am 06.Jun.2006 18:31


It happened after the hoo-ha of the Starlight Parade when all the "out of towners" come into town. So this was Saturday at 2am. This was not last night.

Geez 06.Jun.2006 19:01

Working Class Mama

So there was ANOTHER one last night? Something has to be done.

isolated incident or "rash"? 06.Jun.2006 20:22


I'm wondering if there is a pattern, with multiple assailants, or if this is the only incident. I don't mean to minimize what happened to the men involved - it's terrible, obviously - but there's a difference between disgusting trend in our fair city, and a situation where a couple of drunk idiots unleash aggression. Have there been others?

(Hoping not, obviously) Thanks.

Get the details right if you report it.... 06.Jun.2006 21:05


I personally know the people that were bashed. Not one of them said anything about a gun being present. Not one of them were bashed "nearly to death". I realize that this is a very heinous crime, but please report the facts, not over blown details you heard from a friend of a friend of a friend. It doesn't help anything.


more bashings 07.Jun.2006 06:36


there seems to be more bashings then the one they are now making into a media story. anyone feel like calling the PPD to see how many have happened in the last month. i think they have to start keeping track of hate crimes. fox news calls them "so called" hate crimes.

Bashed to death or just badly beaten??? 07.Jun.2006 08:36

Ryan climberfag@yahoo.com

So, there was a *gay* bashing around Stark Street. According to the news, it was 2 guys and then a 3rd that tried to help them. They were beaten pretty badly, but they are okay. And of course, the cops don't know who did it.

But...now there is rumor going around through Indymedia that there were 4 gay men "bashed to death" on Stark Street. They are attacking the media for not releasing anything on it. I agree that the media hides crap from us all of the time, but I don't believe that 4 men would be beaten and murdered in public and we would not see anything about it in the news. They would at least announce that there was some sort of something and 4 men died, and then hide the hate crime part. After all, it's very easy for Portland to call things gang or drug related.

If you hear this stuff, I encourage you to check the facts and details before stirring up the community. And if you get any facts or details on it, by all means...pass it around! We are a strong community and deserve to know what is going on. If this has happened, we need to come together and take action. If not, we need to make sure the community is not stirred for no reason.

Is the solution to carry more guns on the streets? 07.Jun.2006 10:53


I am not "queezy" over carrying a gun. Frankly, I find them "unmanly". Real men kill with bows and arrows, not guns.

However, the problem with allowing everyone to carry a gun is that they will USE them. They will use them at any time, during traffic for instance. Didn't get your parking spot? Why not shoot them? Has anyone in this small town been to LA? Our society is too mentally ill to deal with guns responsibly.

That does not mean that we cannot fight back. I'd opt first for non-violent means. That is what makes us better than animals, isn't it? That we can choose to resolve things non-violently? If this fails, then there is nothing wrong with protecting oneself or others. Most of these people do not come from this neighborhood. I do.

Not reported by mainstream/local news stations?? 07.Jun.2006 12:26


Huh? I saw the story on Channel 8 news. Can't get any more mainstream than that. They interviewed one of the victims. Please get the facts straight or the people that support gay bashing will just dismiss the whole thing as hype based on a few factual errors.

By the way - Rose Festival brings a lot of dumbass suburban meathead jocks downtown for amateur drinking week. There's a lot more fights all around, including gay bashing and straight on straight violence. I try to avoid downtown all together during this week.

Why don't we agitate... 07.Jun.2006 16:55

la Mano Negra

...for a little media coverage? I put up the emails of 3 of the four main networks local newsdesks on my MySpace profile, and I am posting them here, plus the bulletin text w/ code so that people can repost on their MySpace, Friendster, TagWorld etc. pages...and remember: Punch a Nazi today, you'll feel better!: Evening news addresses: KGW-TV



Copy and Paste the Bulletin: I'm re-posting this with the email addresses of the major evening news outlets in the city so that we can agitate for some coverage, take a minute and let them know that they should report on something relevant for a change:




I couldn't find an email for KPTV FOX, if you can, repost.

This story was reported to Portland Indymedia. Apparently no other news outlets are covering it yet. So please spread this through word of mouth, indymedia, blogs, anything! If you have any more info please post it to Portland Indymedia so that this story can be expanded and featured! The silence stops NOW!
Here's the story

Queer Bashing
author: madhomo
Queer bashing in Portland.
Four queer men were bashed close to death on Stark Street last night. Two of the men were beaten at gun point and are in critical condition. There have been a rash of queer bashings around Portland that have not been reported on by the local news stations.
Don't rely on the news! Talk about it. Don't let a day pass by that you don't tell one of your homo buddies that bashings happen in Portland. If you are bashed, your community needs to know. The Portland Police and News outlets have other priorities and can not be trusted.
Give a little effort to keep your community safe. Walk your friends home. Use your voice. Carry a brick, spray or gun.

GUNS? 07.Jun.2006 17:40

not stupid

If you carry a gun or knife your going to run a really good chance of getting yourself stabed or shot. DONT CARRY GUNS!

well disiplined with GUNS 07.Jun.2006 19:28

MAY 21 1979

When is the VIGIL.....did I miss it
when R the patrols
get mad
get pissed
eat fire
were fired up!!!!!!!!!

fear. 08.Jun.2006 01:11


I moved here because I thought it was a safer place and more open. Now I don't know if I feel comforable walking alone at night.

Something needs to be done, not just here. Everywhere! We're supposed to be the country of tolerance right?

Self-Defense is NOT violence! Support the Portland Pink Pistols! 08.Jun.2006 10:38


Some thoughts on defending ourselves:

When attacked we all have the right/responsability to defend ourselves and to do whatever is needed to stop the attack. We can all benefit from learning to be more aware, to avoid risky situations when we can, to talk our way out of bad situations and even to run away if we have to. Sometimes despite doing everything right we may still be attacked. When that happens we have to be prepared to do whatever is needed to stop an attack. Carrying a gun or other defensive tool IS a great idea IF you have the determination, skill and training to use it. Guns and other defensive tools are just and simply that: tools. They have no magic ability to make use more or less safe, it all depends on how they are used. They are not appropriate for all situations or for all people - but that is a choice we must all be able to make for ourselves. A great local group for queers & queer allies who decide to learn to use guns for self-defense to check out is the Portland Pink Pistols:  http://www.portland.pinkpistols.org

More hate mongers need to be afraid 08.Jun.2006 14:53

DjMetro djambel@gmail.com

I agree that guns are not for everyone. However I believe that if more of us responsible people carry guns it would give criminals something to think about before commiting hate crimes or crimes in general. The reality is that the bad guys do have weapons and they will use them. This is not a country where no one can get a gun. So denying yourself a gun is not the answer. Using Ghandi's tactics will not work in most of these situations. I believe that people who know right from wrong.I have considered getting my concealed weapons permit because I would like to be able to stop something like the gay bashing if I was ever to see it happen. I think people need to stop being so passive about everything. Seriously, stop it. Thats what the government and all hate mongers want you to do.

I'm sure... 08.Jun.2006 15:49


...this is associated with "out of towners" coming to the Rose Festival. This does not happen that ften during the rest of the year, at least in Portland. I resent these "ugly American" types who think they can march into town and be disrespectful. Fuck off you cowards.

bash back 09.Jun.2006 08:10

tired of it

To any bashers or friends of bashers that may read this, actually to anyone that reads this Some of us will BASH back.
I do not care if i get hurt and i do not care if i get in trouble. I will attempt to beat the shit out of you if you try to bash me or my friends, and it is sad that there may be a day where we just start bashing first.

The Council of Backlashers lead'n throat arrangements. 10.Jun.2006 13:01

Queer of Color

That case of 'bashin' males of homosexual conquer is an ongoing campaign against the dominance of categories, whose definition cause an all-encompassing fraud by female sorvereignity. Utilitize these 'White-Skinheads' of western hemisphere up'n go to 'kitchen' where they could fraternalise sorrowness of female fascist.

What? 12.Jun.2006 13:06

confused with this last post

I am not sure what you are trying to say here, and the link did not work for me

sweet! 24.Jun.2006 13:44

about time

seriously, this has been a long time coming. it's about time

It isnt' over... 29.Jan.2007 20:03


I'm not sure if anyone is keeping their eyes on this old thread anymore, but on Jan 25, 2007 a gay man was beated on the freeway overpass over I-5 at Couch St. Fortunately, it was a single attacker (bashers in pairs or groups tend to be more brutal). Portland police classified the crime as a hate crime because the attacker came from behind and yelled "fucking faggot" as he attacked. There are currently no suspects. Crimes like this sadly can happen anywhere in the country. Even San Francisco frequently has gay bashings reported. Liberal cities with large gay populations also have their fringe conservative and hate elements. It's sad, but it is something that we all must be aware of.