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Schumacher Furs protest report (No rich kid left behind), June 3

"All the arguments to prove man's superiority cannot shatter this hard fact: In suffering, the animals are our equals." - Peter Singer
skinned alive for the fur industry
skinned alive for the fur industry
It was a mix of serious outreach and lively protesting this Saturday at Schumacher Furs as we held signs, passed out literature, chanted, showed video of animals on fur farms, jumped on pogo sticks, used hula hoops, blew gigantic bubbles, danced, and ate cookies. Anti-fur cheerleaders periodically performed cheers for smiling on-lookers. While Schumacher Furs provides just one deathly item to those callous enough to enter their store, there's something for everyone at our protests outside.

Many people stopped and thanked us for being there. An older couple said they had read news reports about our protest and were pleased that we were continuing to protest for the animals. This gives us encouragement that, even though reports seldom focus on the actual issue (the cruel treatment of animals), some people are still able to see through to the issue that we are protesting. In contrast, a woman who said she was one of Schumacher's long-time customers said that she "loved fur" and "didn't care" about what happened to the animals; it was never in doubt that the Schumachers and their loyal customers cannot be reached by compassion.

This week we wondered: what's a merchant to do when his product is found to be cruel and unethical and his sales drop? History shows that when no kind, thinking adult wants your product, you might turn your efforts to appeal to innocent children. Like the cigarette industry with Joe Camel, Schumacher Furs is now displaying a large rack of little pink furry coats for preschoolers, or junior fur hags in training. Of course every little girl must have an expensive powder pink fur coat. No (rich) kid left behind.

Meanwhile, recent news reports show that a bank called the Co-operative Bank in the UK turned down the business of a bootmaker because they use fur lining in their boots. This bank has turned away 1.8 million pounds in business in the last year because of ethical concerns related to animal welfare - such as caged egg production and the fur industry. It is possible to run a business, and to do it ethically. Schumacher might consider fake fur or non-animal outerwear.

People may not realize the immense amount of suffering that goes into just one fur coat. All the misery that has been previously described in the production of a fur coat must be multiplied by the number of animals it takes to make that coat. For example, it can take up to 65 minks to make just one fur coat; 20-30 raccoons; 16-20 beavers; 130-200 chinchillas; 10-24 foxes; 16-22 bobcats; 100-400 squirrels; and 8 seals. For info and videos about how animals are made into fur, see  http://www.furisdead.com and  http://www.furkills.org

Last Saturday was a lovely day spent with compassionate people. Join us next Saturday as we let Schumacher know that a full-service fur salon is not a welcome resident in an animal-loving and progressive city like Portland.

Feel free to protest Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison) on other days of the week as well. Even an hour or two of your time can make a difference.

protest 06.Jun.2006 09:22

stopped by

The cheerleaders were great! Anyone who hasn't seen them in action is missing some high class entertainment. Especially the outfits with those red flared leg sequinned pants on the blue-haired guy.


;- )

All of this must be taking a devastating toll on the Schumacher couple, not only financially but emotionally too. Keep up the excellent work!

One protest I miss 06.Jun.2006 13:43


Keep up the good work. I miss all of you. My little naked body misses shumacher's sidewalk.

I was at the protest for awhile. 06.Jun.2006 13:56


Linda (Schumacher) came out dressed like an aging barfly with a low-cut tube top that did not hold up her saggy chest, too-tight black leather pants, and a red leather Harley jacket. I think she was wearing a whole cow. She must be the one who picks out the hideous fashions that Schumacher's sells. Greg walked by looking mad and bitter. It must be annoying to see protesters having a fun street party outside, when your business inside is all about death.

we miss you too, Jonny - 06.Jun.2006 13:58


hope you can come back. it would be even better with you there.

That picture of the skinned alive animal 06.Jun.2006 16:43


just repulses me, makes me feel like my chest is on fire. It's amazing what truth can be gained if you only let it come to you. Keep posting such pictures, people will have gutteral reactions. How can you imagine anything worse than looking into the eyes of a fellow animal who has been skinned alive?!?!?! It's pure evil to participate in and condone anything connected to this industry.

pics 06.Jun.2006 18:34

Blue Jay

pics from last Saturday
Ms. Linda...not happy
Ms. Linda...not happy
Skins for the kids
Skins for the kids

Ms Linda 06.Jun.2006 19:40


Ms Linda seems to be saying "Which way to Joe's Bar and Grill?"

Excellent Article! 06.Jun.2006 21:19


Thank you so much for the updates! I live outside of Portland and can't make it there on Saturdays but I support you all and am always looking forward to how each Saturday protest goes outside Schumacher Furs. Those pink fur coats are disgusing!!! These children who have to wear the fur that was ripped off animals backs just so her mom/dad can feel that the their child is "preety" and "rich" is appalling. The child is not told where the fur comes from. They don't even get the chance to make a choice or decision. Thank you parents for raping the minds of our future generation and killing/torturing millions of animals at the same time. I hope your child walks into my classroom wearing a fur coat so I can actually educate her on what happened to the animals who's lives were murdered for their fur. We teach your children compassion, you teach your children ignorance and hate. STOP BREEDING!!!!

More pictures 07.Jun.2006 00:29

White Rabbit

and video clips at  http://portlandfurcruelty.com.

I 07.Jun.2006 13:02

don't like the fur industry

but what does the fur industry have to do with one's breasts?
if a woman has breasts past an A cup, over time, they are going to sag
it is natural, it is beautiful
are you saying older women cannot wear low cut attire unless their breasts stand at attention?
would you rather she go in and have an unnatural procedure such as implants?
its amazing how these totally sexist comments surface and that people accept them just because the "target" is doing something totally unrelated that bothers them
i didn't notice a comment about the husbands coat - it didn't appear to be made out of hemp or cotton

Linda is in the 07.Jun.2006 14:06

Linda's breasts look like hell and Gregs do too

business of fashion. Her business spills blood for profit and vanity. People comment on her bad taste in fashion and how she picks clothes that look like hell on her.

In the past Greg has had comments on how he fixes himself up too.

and 07.Jun.2006 14:07


that's not her husband in the picture.

steel jaw traps 07.Jun.2006 14:29


Did you know you can get the feel of a steel trap and what the animals go through by having a friend slam the car door on your hand and leave you out there for a week in the rain without food and water. Gregg? Linda? Try this at home and tell us if this is your idea of so-called "humane" fur-

ya know 11.Jun.2006 11:21


I must say that I've gotta agree with one of the above posts regarding the description of Linda. The Schmachers are disgusting people but who really gives a shit about what her breasts look like? Just stick to the real issues-putting the Schumachers and the like out of business.

please 12.Jun.2006 10:11


me what kind of animal is pictured on this post. It makes me want to cry.

The guy with Linda? 18.Jun.2006 11:54

Rick Ross

Isn't that the security guy, escorting Linda into the store away from the "vicious" protestors?

Schwanglehold 08.Jul.2006 00:25


Anyone want to match my thousand dollar donation to the protestors?
They need to keep protesting because it's for a good cause.
Where do I send my most generous donation? I said I am willing to donate $1000 to the protestors. I sure hope I recieve the recognition I deserve for it.
Who is going to match me? What's the matter, isn't anyone cool enough to be in my league when it comes to charity? I give more to charity in one year than you'll make in your whole life!