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Illuminati cell in Tel Aviv Israeli apartment, Mason side issue, got news blackout in U.S.

There was a news blackout on this story in the United States. It was covered widely in television and newspapers in Israel in 1996--at least until the original newspaper reporting it, Davar Rishon, long stable financially for decades before the story, went bankrupt or was shut down immediately after breaking it to the public.

Connections/confirmations of symbolism in the Tel Aviv apartment are very reminiscent to Yale University's Skull and Bones branch.
Before taking leave of this chapter, we come full circle to the following incident excerpted from Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land, which documents an Illuminati cell in Israel that the author witnessed on television and read about in the Israeli newspapers.

In May of 1996, residents of a Tel Aviv neighborhood allegedly complained to police about noise emanating from an apartment. Police, under circumstance not yet clear, entered the apartment with a reporter and found a rather unusual scene. According to the newsletter Inside Israel:

"The walls were covered with Latin script. Skull and bones graced the shelves, swords crossed and not were mounted above an altar. Five doors led to secret passageways, with red blinking lights signaling whoever was within, that intruders were present.

"In the brief and slightly publicized aftermath of the raid, a flurry of stories appeared about the influence of Masons and their role in the peace process, which is unpopular among large segments of Israel's population. Masons were initially blamed for the apartment and its cult-like décor."

It turns out that President Clinton, King Hussein of Jordan, and the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin were all Masons and Masonic officials played a major role in facilitating a peace treaty between Israel and Jordan.

According to sources quoted in Inside Israel, the Masons were eagerly lobbying for influence with keepers of the Temple grounds for some apocalyptic event before the year 2000. The Temple is an important part of Masonic lore.

But their Grand Master in Israel issued a statement denying that the weird apartment had anything to do with Masonry. He actually claimed that the apartment was rented by a cult called the "Illuminati," which had nothing to do with Freemasonry, and demanded a public apology from the newspaper that broke the story.

The newspaper that broke the story, by the way, was a well-established left-leaning publication known as Davar Rishon. After decades of publishing, it went out of business shortly after printing the story. More strange tidbits are emerging.

In October of 1995, the Italian publication La Republica reported on the hold Masonry has over Israel's government. It turns out the former Mayor of Jerusalem, Ted Kollek, is also a Mason, whose last year in office witnessed a meeting between him and David Rockefeller for the purported reason of establishing a branch of Chase Manhattan in Jerusalem. Inside Israel revealed that the day after Rockefeller left, Mayor Kollek flew to Egypt for the first time in his life to discuss the future of Jerusalem. Simultaneously, the PLO began a campaign of liquidating dissidents who were attempting to derail their peace process. The timing of the Rockefeller visit was uncanny.

The most bizarre and perhaps historically significant event to follow this has been the emergency from obscurity of a cult that has been [publicly] unheard of for centuries. The Illuminati has a kind of precursor [or parallel oftentimes allied branch within Judaism], known as the "Sabbatean" movement. Historically, Sabbatians have been involved in radical, and Masonic-type movements. Others were prominent in finance in nineteenth century Europe.

Most known Sabbatians live in Turkey, although are undoubtedly followers of the cult elsewhere. They keep a very low profile. Perhaps one reason is that they practice wife swapping with the deliberate intent of creating "illegitimate" offspring. It is their goal to produce from these illicit unions the reincarnation of the founder of their cult, Messianic pretender Shabbetai Zvi, who died in Albania three hundred years ago after starting a movement that perverted everything Judaism stood for.

Sabbatian emissaries recently visited Jerusalem and asked to be allowed to reunite with the Jewish people from whom they split in the seventeenth century. They were told that they have to formally convert back to Judaism and presumably cease their weird practices. Reportedly, this requirement hasn't been well received. (Jerusalem Post, May 24, 1999).

Observers of these subversive influences in Israel see a deliberate attack on modern Israeli society and institutions from the outside. From these events, one sees some of the worst implications for national security in Israel.

Finally, the worst aspect of all this is that not one word has been heard about the Illuminati apartment or Masonic controversy in any American news publication.

Davar Rishon was not doubt read by foreign correspondents, and Israel is filled with reporters. Why the news blackout in the United States? Certainly any story about the Illuminati and/or the Sabbatians deserves some coverage.

To Eliminate the Opiate, Volume 2, by Rabbi M. S. Antelman (2002), pp. 187-89.