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Clackamas County Deputies Strike Again

WTF?? Craig Roberts' rogue raiders have messed themselves again!
Details are a little sketchy at the moment, but the paragons of law enforcement (the ones that tortured and then killed the very naked, very unarmed, very badly burned Fouad Kaady) have apparently overstepped their authority, and grabbed a couple of women in Happy Valley, cuffing and stuffing them right in front of their children. According to the deputies, it was a necessary precaution, preparatory to busting the women's neighbors for alleged drug offenses. Now you can get busted for what your neighbor may be doing? What a bunch of leadership. Time for Roberts, and the District Attorney (top cop) to get another job. They apparently cannot deal with the responsibility that voters have given them.
Stay Tuned 06.Jun.2006 09:14

more soon

Speaking of Clackamas County deputies, stay tuned. Very soon, the community will know a lot more about certain Cackamas Cunty deputies than they ever wanted you to know. The Tuth is out there.

Update? 06.Jun.2006 12:42

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org


If there's any update on this information, could someone let me know, please?