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Overseas Missionary Fellowship Racist Against Akha

We have repeatedly asked OMF to take down or change their description of the Akha on their mission website.

See article link below

This site claims that the Akha WORSHIP spirits and thus it is justified to destroy their religious system.
This is incorrect.

Site also claims that the Akha people are highly immoral.
This is also a very racist statement.
We have asked Jim Morris, the OMF man at Corban mission school in Salem, Oregon about this but have received no satisfactory answer. We would wonder about racism at Corban College.

Considering that Action Against Hunger ACF France and Norwegian Church Aid NCA are basically running rape camps in Akha villages of north Laos, maybe someone else's morality needs to be discussed?

Paul and Lori Vernon, also with a Salem connection continue to help destroy Akha culture in north Thailand.

They run the Vernon Journal which mentions their involvement in north Thailand with the Akha.

We also are noting that Rotary is supporting Children of the Golden Triangle which is a mission for removing and coverting Akha children in Chiangrai, Thailand.

We are contacting them in order to ask that they pull their support for any org that removes children.

In the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, removal of indigenous children by missionaries was included in the recommendations as an activity that UNESCO and UNICEF need to monitor in order to prtect indigenous rights while working on the millenium development goals.

You may contact OMF on their site above and aske them to remove the offensive wording from the article.

Anyone who would like to help in organizing a protest at Corban College in Salem, please contact us.

homepage: homepage: http://www.akha.org