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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war


Portland Anti-Imperialists is proud to present another Anti-Imperialist Movie Night, featuring "Loose Change."
Come explore the lies surrounding 9-11 that have allowed our government to spread paranoia and stifle dissent.
I had the day off work on September 11th, 2001. I was living without a TV
and I was dissatisfied with the radio stations in the area so I was living
in a media blackout. I also didn't want work to get a hold of me so I had
turned off my phone so I went through most of the day not knowing what
happened. Finally, I saw the towers explode on a television set while I
was buying groceries.

Despite an initial reaction of media-induced panic, I began to see the
path unfolding, where this was all going. I saw the fear arise in my
coworkers, friends and neighbors. I saw people willingly hand over their
freedoms to give them a false sense of security as well as vengence. I
saw the government gain more and more control over the people. I saw the
public be mislead into a war. I saw that it had worked out too perfectly
and then it was hard to not see it for what it was, a plan of attack.
However it was not a plan of attack by some foriegn terrorist but by our
own government against its own citizens.

Loose Change, a documentary by director Dylan Avery, takes us step by step
through the planning of 9/11. It questions the inconsistencies and
unveils the lies. It is a movie that everyone needs to see.

It will be shown at the Bed and Roses Center 7pm on Monday, June 5th.
There will also be a discussion afterwards about the movie and our
thoughts on the events of 9/11.

Donations will be accepted but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

Bread and Roses is on 815 N Killingsworth.
There are better movies... 05.Jun.2006 07:00


Although Loose Change 2 is very powerful There are mistakes in it -- Loose Change 3 is in the works and hopefully it'll fix them...

The film, and other better films were mentioned in a posting to UK IMC a few weeks ago:

 link to www.indymedia.org.uk

NY TIMES!! 05.Jun.2006 08:20


911 Truth has finally made the NY Times-Major story on Chicago gathering and march-This is big! Go to NY Times website today. Wow.....