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2005 Real ID Act: An Instrument of Dictatorship or Uniting Issue?

2005 Real ID Act creates a National ID that functions as an internal passport. Internal passports are a signiture of dictatorship.
The Real ID will contain an RFID chip, containing up to 20,000 pages of personal information. Scanners can detect RFID chips and report their location to a central database, maintained by Homeland Security.
The potential for abuse by the controllers is unlimited.
Real ID: A Uniting Issue

An African-American slang term for carrying a corporate pager is "wearing a chain." The Real ID Act will create electronic chains that will bind the human race for generations.
In "The Cattle, Sarwa gives his readers a brief but sobering glimpse at one possible future for America, a very near future in which high technology and a government-backed dark agenda combine to become the real terror in the battle against terrorism. Written before the passage of HR418 - The Real ID Act of 2005 - Sarwa's novel examines a logical result of incorporating modern technologies into a comprehensive National Identification System" (1a).
The little known Real ID Act completes the removal of civil liberties by the Patriot Acts. The Real ID Act was inserted into a military spending and Katrina relief bill. (1) The Real ID Act is slated for implementation in 2008.
Many information technology professionals and security experts are opposed to the Real Id Act (2). Declan McCullagh , political correspondent for CNET.com, compares the Real ID Act to the British Stamp Act. The Real Id Act could ignite the majority of US citizens to remove George W Bush from office. Waiting until George W Bush leaves office in 2009 will be too late.
The National ID card will contain RFID chips, like the ones presently used to monitor livestock. RFID chips can hold up to 20,000 pages of personal information. Scanners can detect RFID chips and report their location to a central database.(3). The movements and location of every person in the United States can and will be monitored by the Department of Homeland Security. That secret data can be shared with 16 other US intelligence agencies. This includes the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency. The intelligence agencies are overseen by Bush appointees. John Negroponte is Director of National Security.
The Electronic Privacy and Information Center and American Civil Liberties Union are strongly opposed to the Real ID Act (4).
There are historical precedents for the National ID program. Stalin and Hitler implemented internal passports as crucial instruments of totalitarianism (6). Any law enforcement officer in the United States may ask anyone to show identification (5). Thus, the National ID functions as an internal passport.
The next United States administration will control the ID program. Jeb Bush is running for president in the 2008 election (7). Jeb has the same opportunities to win his brother had in 2000 and 2004. (8)
Richard Nixon resigned because of the Watergate scandal. Nixon's prolonging the Vietnam War caused the public anger and motivation for his removal, not the Watergate scandal. The Real ID Act is a crises more serious than the Vietnam War or Watergate. The resolution is up to us.

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Nixon Correction 05.Jun.2006 08:55


Nixon was forced out of the White House because Kissinger, Haig, and Nelson Rockefeller hated him. Bush would be gone, too, if the Powers That Be wanted him gone. The fact that he is there tells you he's serving their agenda.

Do what Wisconsin did 05.Jun.2006 09:53

Jody Paulson

Thursday, June 01, 2006
Groundbreaking Law Spotlights Opposition to VeriChip
 link to www.freemarketnews.com

How to FIND John Negroponte! 05.Jun.2006 14:56


He lives in DC at 3100 Cleveland Ave. Be careful there-he is the Lord of the Nazgul and his security goons act like Nazgul too!

RFID's are scary 05.Jun.2006 15:23


This national ID card idea is so outrageous, hopefully people will wake up to protest this plan in a loud outcry.

AS for another stint of Bush (Jeb, or some other cardboard copy of a human), we can pretty much expect that, unless the nation can get it together to fight Diebold and all the other election frauds.

The Recent issue of Rolling Stone (on the newsstands and in your libraries now), with the article by Robert Kennedy Jr. on the stolen 2004 election is a good indication that the mainstream is starting to question the status quo. Never mind where HAVE they been all this time, we need to redouble our efforts to push them over that line into taking action!!!

more on RFIDs 05.Jun.2006 15:38


One of the best websites around on the subject of RFIDs is:
www.spychips.com (not a link)

There are photos of RFIDs plus advice on how to disable one, if you bring one home accidently (say on the box of a new TV you got at Walmart).

disable RFID and be hunted by Homeland Security, how to get rid of Bush 05.Jun.2006 17:14


Homeland security would not be happy for your RFID to be disabled. There will be penalties.

Get rid of Bush? Mega protests! Boris Yeltsin courage, like when he climbed on top of the tanks in Moscow Square!

These people may have the right idea:  http://www.portlandcantwait.org/

I guess that's just the way it is 05.Jun.2006 21:42


"This national ID card idea is so outrageous, hopefully people will wake up to protest this plan in a loud outcry".

The sheeple will protest it until they are told...

- You can't get a job, open a bank account, drive (legally),
collect Social Security or any public assistance, can't travel by air,
rail or interstate bus, buy medical insurance, get a college loan or
any other kind of loan, or receive your tax refund without it.

Then the sheeple will say, "I guess that's just the way it is",
OR "You can't fight City Hall", or any number of roll-over-and-BE-dead
phrases I hear coming from the mouths of otherwise seemingly
sensible Americans all the damn time.

Urban spawl and K-Marts on every other corner? "I guess that's just the way it is"
An illegal and immoral war in Iraq? "I guess that's just the way it is"
Unaffordable medical care & prescription drugs? "I guess that's just the way it is"
Billions and billions of dollars wasted on an un-winnable drug war? "I guess that's just the way it is"
Biggest national deficit in history? "I guess that's just the way it is"
High gasoline prices and oil company's record profits? "I guess that's just the way it is"
US Government selling off the National Forests and Parks? "I guess that's just the way it is"
Social Services eliminated or slashed to the bone? "I guess that's just the way it is"
The greatest democracy the world has ever known becoming a police-state little-by-little?
"I guess that's just the way it is"

That's the way it is, SOLELY because YOU ALLOW IT to be that way, fellow citizens.