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The Oregonian endorsed Bernie Guisto for Sheriff. Now they are attacking him for mis management.
I read an editorial published in the Oregonian written by Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Guisto. The Oregonian published an editorial on May 25 severely criticizing the Sheriff for mis managment in his jail system.
It so irritated the Sheriff he wrote an animated reply saying he was doing this and doing that and things were really better.

Should we be amused? The Oregonian endorsed the Sheriff for four more years. What did they expect but more of the same old same old. Did they expect change? Did they expect progressive reform?

The editorial board at the Oregonian are short sighted, square headed, and void of common sense. I rarely agree with Lars Larson but the Oregonian is merely fish wrap.

Should I run for public office again I will not talk to the Oregonian or Willamette Week.
The lesser of two evils... 05.Jun.2006 08:25

Pravda or Consequences

Metaphorically, I rather wrap fish with Lars.

Who are you? 06.Jun.2006 06:13


Are you the cantidate that stands to de-escalate the drug war, and focus on treatment? Are you the cantidate that stood against the PJTTF? Will you stand up to the Portland Business Alliances efforts to criminalize protestors and the homeless?

If so:

-Do you have a street team?

-A website?

-A budget for lawnsignage, or radio ads?

-A demonstratable track record that could be sited as proof of your qualification?

What do you need?

That is wierd about the Whoregonian 07.Jun.2006 18:27


Why they would turn around beats me, they are still a corporate instrument.
When I was working with the PDX Bill of Rights Defense Committee, we held a public forum to talk about the patriot act. Guisto was the only one we could find in the city of Portland who would lead the pro-patriot act side. When he spoke, he seemed like he was on drugs. He seems to "fear" ordinary people, and I think he's far too negative and untrustworthy to be paid tax dollars!!