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9.11 investigation

And the Threat Level assessment for June 19th is???

Time to get the duct tape out again!!! Seems ye olde government are testing action stations in a big way come June 19th: what with 'Divine Strake' and all that, who needs real terror? What happened to the bloke in a cave anyway? Have they given up on 'Infinite Justice'?
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By William M. Arkin
Sunday, June 4, 2006; Page B01

On Monday, June 19, about 4,000 government workers representing more than 50 federal agencies from the State Department to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will say goodbye to their families and set off for dozens of classified emergency facilities stretching from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs to the foothills of the Alleghenies. They will take to the bunkers in an "evacuation" that my sources describe as the largest "continuity of government" exercise ever conducted, a drill intended to prepare the U.S. government for an event even more catastrophic than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

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