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questioning news of Canada terror

teens and men arrested...no bomb
News accounts of the "Muslim terror cell" seem a tad vague to me. They are accompanied by a photograph of items that appear to be (1) a pistol, (2) a voltage meter, and (3) a soldering iron. It is said the group had "taken steps" to acquire three tons of ammonium nitrate.

What steps?

I used to have a pistol. I can't find my soldering iron, but I bet an army of cops could. I'm pretty sure I still have a voltage meter. Watch out! I must be A Threat To Civilization!

I would expect, on this sort of huge charge, to see the detonators and the truckloads of explosive. Was there really a plot, or was this another case of angry talk among friends?
don't be fooled 04.Jun.2006 19:26

forest dweller

This was a training exercise by the authorities, as the Kanadian
government plans to initiate martial law.....Harper, Bush, and Fox
are finalizing their plans to make the three countries one -- under
U.S. authority of course.
The sheeple seem to be unaware that Kanada has its own versions of the
Patriot Acts and Homeland Security.

For the camp the government built at Cold Lake, Alberta for "domestic
terrorists" -- thanks for the gift. A number of open air cages have
been reserved for the true terrorists, who should be afraid, very afraid.