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Peaceful Liberation of Liberty Hall now done

The Peaceful Liberation of Liberty Hall Has Been Accomplished And Now It Is Truly Owned By And For The Working Class!
Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy., Is Now IWW Hall As Of June 1ST, 2006! Please Stop By, Check It Out, Still Welcoming Punk Shows And Other Proletarian Events! The Hall Is To House The New Portland GMB, INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD!

A local milestone for worker solidarity! 04.Jun.2006 16:28


Sounds like an occasion to celebrate--a building warming or something--maybe tie in with other labor self determination, egalitarian causes.

Who to contact for hall rental? 04.Jun.2006 19:31


Good to hear about community building. Is there a contact person who can be reached about the availability of the hal, rental fees, etc., for community use of the hall? And yes, how about throwing a hall warming event!

Liberty Hall rental info 05.Jun.2006 02:04

me me me

Annie, did you try searching for Libery Hall's website? It was the first result when I did an I-net search for "liberty hall portland"... there is a page on the site about renting:

PCASC and IWW 05.Jun.2006 16:19

Peter Little

Portland Central American Solidarity Committee and the Portland IWW will be jointly managing Liberty Hall.

For now, people can contact the Portland IWW at
(503)231-5488 to arrange rentals and hall use.

date 05.Jun.2006 18:18


actually the move-in is july 1st not june. i'm looking forward to bbqs and hammocks.

Congratulations 12.Nov.2006 22:13

Leith Kahl (aka Desert Rat) desertrat@ilwu19casuals.net

Congratulations, PCASC and IWW. I'm glad to hear that the building worked out for you and Microcosm.
I think you will find Alem to be a more agreeable landlord to work with than Jimmy Mac.