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The Schumacher's - A glimpse into the future?

The Schumacher's - A glimpse into the future?
Maybe we should do the right thing, dear.
Maybe we should do the right thing, dear.
The Schumacher's - A glimpse into the future?

Click on the pic for a larger (but not too large for dial-up) version.

actually, 04.Jun.2006 12:11


that is Linda with the unfortunately saggy breasts in the tube top (we all must accept our age sooner or later, although that look isn't good on anyone). But that's not Gregg. That's Steve, the security guard. Gregg looks more haggard, wears lift shoes (because he's really short), and has his hair styled up unnaturally high (probably in another effort to give him more height).

My bad 04.Jun.2006 12:39



MY BAD - delete Gregg, add Steve.

I dunno what Gregg looks like (obviously).
Hmmm, a good Christian like Linda hangs out with other men?

Maybe a pic of Gregg & Linda ala 'deck-of-cards' type wanted poster
would fit the bill. I can make them if I have a full facial
pic of each of the couple. Nice posters for telephone poles, huh?

Thanks to others who post the pix - a caption
under identifying each of the looters will help
identify them. We need a who's-who of their staff.

Gregg and Linda are 04.Jun.2006 13:06


public figures - they appear on commercials promoting their fur. But I wouldn't really be into publicizing their staff in any real way. Not that they aren't jerks: Nick is all about trying to intimidate protesters, and Steve peppersprayed a protester in the face. Still, we don't want to lose focus from the real issue: the animals.

Schumacher Soaps 04.Jun.2006 13:09

And These Are The Days Of Your Life ....

Marleen, don't sell yourself short, perhaps your crystal ball is correct...in the future Loveless Linda will leave Greying Gregg for Studly Steve or maybe they'll have a threesome with Naughty Nick. And of course this soap opera can be seen only on KPTV Fox.

Gregg 04.Jun.2006 13:40

Blue Jay

Gregg at the counter

Not a parade goer 04.Jun.2006 18:43

A protester

A sideline question: not being familiar with the Rose Festival Grand(?)Floral Parade, I was wondering if the parade route will pass Schumachers' Furs next Saturday.

Message to Gregg and Linda (sent 6/4) 04.Jun.2006 19:48

Blue Jay

Hello Gregg and Linda,

Just in case you haven't been to this website yet, check it
out, www.portlandfurcruelty.com. Oh, and don't forget to
check out  http://portland.indymedia.org. Some new stuff
posted, interesting reading. The protests seem to be getting
more interesting but where did the 50% Off Protest Sale
signs go? Did the landlord make you take them down or
was that a voluntary move? Just curious.

Blue Dove
sent to: