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Facism in America will be as simple as a jog in the park

The Press, Television, Government, and citizen apathy minimize social improvement.
Central Park Jogger
Central Park Jogger
Thursday, June 01, 2006
Slave Revolt Radio: Facism in America will be as simple as a jog in the park: The Central

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In September of 2002 when the Central Park rapist and violent assaulter Martias Raye's admitted to being the lone attacker of Trisha Meili. Many thought that police reforms would be imp lamented in the face of five black and Latino teens being framed up and convicted in this racially explosive case in April of 1989 in New York.

Yet the truth that was exposed about the corruption of the State brought no real changes locally or nationally. Even though the frame up of the teens rung in many draconian police command society laws, tactics, and mind sets. In this (Beyond the Shadow) segment called 'Fascism in America will be as simple as a jog in the park: The Central Park jogging case'. Slave Revolt deals with this tale of horror in this horrible American experiment.

Listen and hear how wretched opportunistic savages in American politics, from the world of capitalistic money, to sick assistant attorney's like Linda Fairstein, mixed in with the iron fisted brutes (the police) took advantage of this case of lies and frame up. Find out how calls for justice for the slaves and their defenders keep falling on deaf ears in a sick society that only hears the vocal tunes of the fascist. The drum beat of the goose stepping 'Order'. And the sights and screams of the modern day lynch mobbers of innocent Black and Latino teens. Which for many in America is as simple as a jog in the park.

Duke lacrosse team rape case reveals depth of racial stereotypes

Rachel over at Rachel's Tavern has a great post on the hypocrisies of the way crimes by white men are portrayed in the media versus those by black men:

One of the most troubling ways this is done is by the use of special terms coined in honor of Black men's crimes or criminal involvement. The most famous example of this is the term "wilding." The term wilding was used to describe the attack of a White woman in Central Park in the late 1980s... Another example of this is the whole "Stop Snitching" phenomenon, which has been labeled as a huge threat to the criminal justice system...

The trend of giving special labels to Black men's bad behavior (or in some cases alleged bad behavior) makes it seem as if Black men invented gang rape or the code of silence that prevents snitchin. If the young wealthy White men can hide beyond their attorneys and say they are not "snitchin" on advice of counsel, the outcome is the similar—the crime is harder to solve. If a group of these White guys decide to have a party where they invite strippers and engage in wilding, the outcome is similar-another woman is sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, most people(especially White folks) in American culture don't see these behaviors as similar. They think that one Black person's bad behavior is somehow representative of all Black people, not the individual Black person or people involved. They think subconsciously or consciously that Black men are dangerous and White men are the innocent boys next door. So next time you hear a special lable for Black men's bad behavior. Please think twice.

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FYI: name is mis-spelled on blog

Correct spelling: Matias Reyes

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